Monday, June 8, 2015

NailMedic Growth Factor

Broken nails happen,  no matter how carefully we try to avoid them.  Sometimes it seems like the more careful we are the more likely we are to break a nail or two.

There are a lot of products out there that say they will help your nails grow back faster and stronger. I've tried quite a few of them myself.  In my experiences,  most of them don't really work.

A few weeks ago when I broke a couple nails I decided to try the last remaining product on the shelf at my local Walmart that I hadn't tried yet: NailMedic Growth Factor.  It was about $7 so I was hesitant but I looked down at my sad little stubby broken nails and figured I would go for it.

 The back of the box reads as follows:

Innovative anti-aging complex fortifies weak,  brittle nails and helps replenish depleted nutrients necessary to moisturize the nail.  Infused with biotin,  calcium,  keratin protein,  and argan oil,  Growth Factor will reduce breakage and splitting while providing strength and nutrition required to optimize nail growth.  

Instructions: Apply 1 to 2 coats to bare nails as a base coat.  Allow to dry.

With no instruction offered as to how often to apply this for best results,  I decided to go with three fresh applications per week.  I didn't top this off with color, though you certainly could if you wanted to.  Within the first week I could already tell my nails were growing back more quickly.  After a full two weeks,  the rate of growth was impressive:

On the left is immediately after applying the first time.  On the right is after two full weeks of use,  applying two fresh coats of product every 3 days.

I know about how long it takes for my nails to grow out after a break (for some reason my breaks always tend to be at/close to the smile line) and I can say using this approximately doubled the rate my nails have grown. In about one month my nails have grown back to the length they were before the unfortunate breaks that prompted this purchase.  Had I not used Growth Factor it would have taken about twice that long. (Though I do not have a current picture of the length of my nails,  my phone is being bratty lately and keeps telling me I'm out of space even though I have done all I can to free up space.)

Overall I am super happy with this purchase,  and would definitly recommend this product!

Growth Factor is part of a full lineup of nail care products and is made by Pretty Woman.  You can see more about this and the other products in the NailMedic line at

This product is NOT tested on animals.

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