Saturday, April 11, 2015

SensatioNail Macchiato

SensatioNail  recently did a challenge on instagram,  and everyone who participated got two free colors of their choice.  I participated,  naturally,  and chose the colors Macchiato and Barely There.

My new pretties arrived yesterday and after a couple hours of debating which one to use first I opted for Macchiato.

I accidentally deleted the picture before making this post,  so you get to see a screenshot of the one I posted to instagram.

This picture was taken in natural,  overcast light without flash.

I absolutely love this color!  It is not marked as being a sheer color,  however for me it is sheer.  I think, and I cannot stress this enough, I just use much thinner coats than most people do though,  as other swatches I have seen for this color show it more opaque.  This is four coats and you can see it still has a little sheerness to it. Two coats of this would be perfect for a French manicure for me.

The color is really gorgeous.  It's a soft rosy mauve creme,  perfect for when you want something more subtle on your nails and very office-acceptable.

The color looks nothing like the box/bottle indicates,  which is a known issue with SensatioNail colors.  I have heard they are working to improve this in the near future though, so hopefully that happens soon.  In the mean time it is critical to look for swatches from your favorite bloggers before buying new colors.  (I checked out some swatches before selecting my freebies for participating in the instagram challenge.) The box color actually isn't too bad for Macchiato, but the color shown on the bottle is,  as you can see,  an entirely different story.

I will swatch Barely There in a couple weeks (approximately) once Macchiato is ready to go. I am in no rush to change colors,  I love this one so much!

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