Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Caress Forever Body Wash

I first heard about this stuff a couple months ago but it has only hit the store shelves in my area in the last couple of weeks.  I had to try it.  Caress is one of my favorite soap/body wash brands,  and the whole idea just seemed interesting to me.

The product claim is "A touch-activated technology that releases a burst of perfume every time you touch your skin,  all day long." I mean it sounds awesome,  right?  Maybe not if you love your perfume,  but for someone who does not otherwise wear fragrance or scented products every day,  this sounds like a really wonderful way to make sure you smell good all day even on your non-perfume days. If it works,  that is.

This was the only fragrance they had at the store but apparently there are two fragrances in this "collection". Click here to see another blogger's thoughts on both fragrances, if you're curious.

I've been using this body wash for a couple of weeks now and I have to say,  I am far from impressed.

The fragrance,  described as "an irresistible feminine fragrance with floral musk and sparkling pink roses laced in amber" is pleasant.  I like it.  It isn't fabulous,  but it isn't bad.  It is a very soft fragrance,  not overpowering which is good.  The problem is it just doesn't last.  Which naturally leads to the fact that the "touch activated" claims do not actually happen either.

The fragrance fades away within just a couple of hours. I even had a couple folks touch my skin then sniff,  as weird as that is, thinking maybe my nose had simply gotten used to the fragrance but it would be noticeable to someone else.  Nope. They couldn't detect the fragrance either. (And for the record,  I only made this request of people I know well.  I didn't just approach random strangers asking them to smell me.  Cause that would be incredibly weird and inappropriate.  Lol)

While I was hoping this would work,  I didn't really expect it to.  So I am not too disappointed.  But I will not be repurchasing.  There are plenty of other soaps and body washes out there,  from Caress as well as other brands,  that provide longer lasting fragrance.  If you want to check this stuff out I would suggest doing so with low expectations on the staying power of the fragrance,  and knowing the whole touch activated technology thing is marketing gimmick not legitimate product performance.

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