Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry Epilator Review

It has taken me quite a while to get to this review,  between technical troubles and having other (sponsored)  posts that had to take priority.  But I promised a review,  and better late than never right?

This epilator was my Christmas gift from my mom and sister.  I had been wanting an epilator for quite a while.  Much as I love my Venus Breeze, the refills have gotten ridiculously expensive.  That and I am a total klutz, when I shave I cut myself.  Guaranteed.  I've been gun shy about shaving since managing to give myself a major cut last year (I will spare you the gory details but it was horror flick worthy,  I assure you). So when my mom sent some Christmas cash and my sister sent an Amazon gift certificate,  I did some research.

I looked at dozens of epilators,  comparing features,  prices,  and reviews.  I finally settled on the Silk-épil 7. I have now been using it regularly for a couple of months,  and I love it!

Reasons I chose this epilator:

Cordless: Let's be real. For an appliance like this a cord is only going to get in the way.  The fact that it is cordless means it is easy to use,  anywhere you want/need to use it.

Rechargeable battery: It has a good rechargeable battery,  so there is no need to constantly buy new batteries for it. The battery holds a charge very well.  I can typically get four or five uses from a single charge.

Wet/Dry use: It can be used either wet or dry.  This means if you so desire you can do your epilating in the shower. I like options.  Supposedly epilating can be more comfortable "wet" than dry.  Can't say I notice a difference in the comfort level either way.

Full Body Use: Not all epilators are designed to be used all over the body - legs,  bikini zone,  under arms,  face. This one is.  Since I planned to use this for all areas,  this was a key feature for me.

Shaver Head Attachment: This model includes a shaver head attachment. I love this because it means not only do you have an epilator,  you also have an electric shaver in one unit.  This is helpful for a couple reasons. 1. If you have waited too long between epilating sessions you will want to trim the hair first.  Having the shaver head for this means going from trimming to epilating can be done quickly and easily without the need for additional appliances.  2. If you have never epilated before but really want to try it,  you may not like it.  Provided you like electric shavers,  your investment in this unit will still be useful for you.  3. Even if you have epilated,  there might be some areas you just can't get used to it.  I,  for example,  just can't get used to epilating my under arms.  I am also still trying to get used to epilating the bikini area,  which oddly enough I find less sensitive to epilating than my under arms.  The shaver head comes in handy for these areas.

My thoughts after a couple months of use: Every so often I will miss a few hairs when using this,  so it doesn't necessarily get *everything*, but darned close.  I do still use a traditional razor for my under arms and bikini area on occasion if I need to get a really smooth shave,  but typically using the shaver head attachment is sufficient for me.  It is relatively quiet,  for the type of appliance it is.  It has two speeds and a handful of caps to use based on your needs and preferences.  It has a bright LED light to help you see to make sure you don't miss any hairs,  though certain areas/angles of use the light doesn't help all the time,  but it definitly comes in handy for the most part.

This also comes with a little brush to help clean the various parts,  and a pack of pre-epilation wipes.  The wipes basically just make sure your skin is clean before you get started,  which is important but the wipes really are not necessary so long as you bathe before epilating.  I do like having the wipes for those times when I spontaneously decide to epilate before going out or something,  when I may not need to shower otherwise and showering just to epilate would be silly. There is also a little drawstring pouch to store everything in.

One question people will have,  especially those who have never used an epilator before,  is "Does it hurt?". I can't say whether you would find it painful or not,  as we all have different levels of pain tolerance. While it certainly is not a pleasant sensation,  I wouldn't really describe it as "painful" either.  All I can really say is that with a couple uses you will probably get used to it,  but the first time you ever epilate yeah it is probably going to be pretty uncomfortable.  The first time I ever used an epilator I got maybe a dozen hairs or so and had to stop.  I really,  really wanted to give up the standard razors,  though,  so I kept at it and now epilating (my legs)  is something that does not faze me in the least.  As I said above I am still getting used to it for other areas of my body,  and honestly am not sure if I will ever get used to it for all over use.  But even if the only continued use is on my legs,  it is worth it to me.

Another note on epilating: You have to make sure that you exfoliate well on a regular basis when you use an epilator (or if you wax!)  to prevent ingrown hairs.  This doesn't have to require any additional products on your part - just use a loofah to wash with when you shower.  As long as you're doing a thorough job of soaping up,  the loofah will be sufficient exfoliation for this purpose.

If you are in the market for an epilator,  I would definitly recommend this one. It is a bit of an investment at roughly $100 (click here for Amazon product page) , but for me it is absolutely worth it!

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