Thursday, April 9, 2015

Always Off Makeup Cloths

I stumbled onto these at Walmart recently and was too curious to pass them up.

These are knockoffs of The Makeup Eraser,  which I am sure most of us have at least heard of by now.  The Makeup Eraser is $20 for one cloth though,  and these were $3 for a pack of three.  Obviously this was a far more budget friendly item. But does it work? 

Since I have not tried The Makeup Eraser,  I cannot compare these to it.  They are meant to be used in the same way.  The care instructions state to use mild detergent and no fabric softener or dryer sheets when washing them. 

To use them,  you first wet them with some water then squeeze out the excess so that the cloth is wet but not dripping.  Then you gently rub your makeup away.  You can use your favorite face wash,  but it is not necessary.  

I find it works best to hold the cloth over more heavily makeup-covered areas (like the eyelids) for a few seconds before gently rubbing. It seems to help soften the makeup to help it come off more quickly.  

I did not expect these to work.  I really didn't.  I mean,  nothing but this cloth and some water?  How can that possibly remove makeup?  But it actually works!  I tested the first couple of times with my usual go to makeup which is really soft and natural looking.  That was not a sufficient test to me.  So I tried some heavier,  smoky eye makeup with a good long lasting eye liner (Hard Candy Walk The Line,  which if you read my recent review you know once that stuff sets it does not budge for anything!) and a nice red lipstick.  Far from anything I would normally wear and I admit I just kinda slapped it on instead of trying to be careful to make it pretty.  Hey I was staying in,  it didn't have to be pretty it just had to be heavy to test these cloths out. A few hours later I got one of the cloths out and set about removing the makeup,  seriously doubting it would do as good of a job with the heavy makeup as with my go to soft makeup. 

It worked!  It did take a couple minutes to get through the eye makeup,  and there was still a tiny bit of mascara left at the base of my lashes near the top waterline. But it got nearly all my makeup off.  Including the red lipstick - without getting red lipstick smears around my mouth as happens if you try just wiping red lipstick off with a regular wash cloth or tissue.  

(Sorry,  I know these are not the best pictures but my cell phone camera is not great and the lighting in my bathroom is lousy so that doesn't help.  But they show how well these clothes remove makeup and that's the whole point!) 

I am so totally impressed by these! 

They are a bit smaller than The Makeup Eraser cloth is, I believe,  but they come in fun colors.  You can use each one about 4-6 times before washing it, depending on how much makeup you need to remove each time.  Both sides can be used,  so you can get about 2-3 uses on each side again depending on how much makeup you need to remove on each use.  

I would definitly recommend these for easy makeup removal!  

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