Friday, April 3, 2015

Adore Me Spring Lingerie Collection - Bridal Styles

Spring is in the air! Introducing the new bright and beautiful spring 2015 sexy lingerie collection from Adore Me. Step into the season with fresh pastels and revitalized reds and pinks. Ornate embroidery and lace take center stage in our sophisticated yet playful new designs. This spring, we invite you to take a chance on love and lingerie!

Lingerie is something you either love or hate shopping for.  I personally tend to fall in the later category simply because it is next to impossible to find cute,  affordable items in my size. Finding cute panties is not so much of an issue,  but if it has to fit "the girls", well...  That is a completely different story.  Being generously endowed is not all it's cracked up to be.

For those who don't have this trouble,  Adore Me has some really lovely pieces available at fair prices!  I have put together a couple layouts of some of their newest items that, to me,  fit the given bridal/lingerie styles.  Of course,  you don't have to be getting ready to say "I do" to make use of bridal lingerie.  Whether you've already tied the knot or you are still wearing your maiden name,  lingerie can be fun.  Even if you're single,  wearing something pretty under your clothes can give you a little confidence boost and that is certainly not a bad thing.

Again these are just what I think fit into the styles shown in the layouts,  you may or may not agree.

I really love a lot of these pieces.  I like that they have some nice options for larger sizes as well as for those who are more slender.  They have pieces that are fun and sexy,  but never trashy.  You can see all the products from Adore Me on their web site at

Are you a lingerie fan?  What style(s) of lingerie do you prefer?

Note: I was approached to write this post for Adore Me. No compensation of any sort has been received in exchange for this post.

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