Thursday, March 5, 2015

SinfulColors Spring Fever Swatches

This collection has 24 colors in total, and many of them look lovely. Today I have swatches of five of them for you.

A little note before getting to the swatches: I hope y'all don't mind but instead of the usual swatches, I have swatched these colors on a display wheel. For those who do not read regularly (or follow me on instagram or read my personal blog), I just lost both of my cats unexpectedly two weeks apart. I have been a mess, and just not at all up to doing swatches in my usual manner. Thanks for understanding.

All photos were taken indoors by a window in natural overcast light without flash. All colors are shown at two coats. In the inages showing colors layered over black, the black used was SinfulColors Whipped and the layered colors are at one coat.

Sail La Vie is described as "cerulean sea blue". It is a lovely sky blue creme. The formula is perfect, and two coats yields flawless coverage.

Flight To See is described as "prismatic plum" and is one of the opalescent shades. When worn alone it is a very pretty shimmery bright purple with hints of pink. If layered over black it becomes a stunning vampy plum.

Prized Plume, another of the opalescent shades, is described as "iridescent peacock-feather blue". This is perhaps my favorite of these colors. On its own, it is a shimmery teal. Layered over black, the green really pops and it almost looks like a deep emerald hue.

Zest Of Times, described as "lustrous magenta", is a favorite as well. On its own, it is just a shimmery bright pink. But when you layer it over black, it comoletely transforms and you realize it is actually packed with micro flakies that shift between pink, purple, and blue.

Ring The Belini is described as "metallic tangerine". On its own it is a shimmery orange with small flakies and the slightest hint of magenta. Layered over black, the flakies stand out and it shifts between orange and gold, and while the magenta flecks stand out more against the black they are still a subtle touch among the orangey gold.

These colors will be available for spring at Walgreens and other mass retailers.

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