Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hard Candy Walk The Line Liquid & Glitter Eye Liners

I needed a little retail therapy, and I legitimately needed new mascara and eye liner, so I was bad and splurged on a couple things from Hard Candy.

I will get to reviews and swatches of everything over the next couple of weeks, but for today it is all about the liquid and glitter eye liners!

First let's look at the Walk The Line liquid liner in the shade Asphalt.

This is your standard black liquid liner. It has a thin brush applicator (which my camera refused to focus on) that makes getting ultra thin lines easy, and of course you can build on that for thicker lines as well. 

Having never used Walk The Line liner before I really was not sure what to expect of the quality. I have to say I am super impressed! It is a nice true black, and it sets pretty quickly to a matte finish. And then, the best part - it stays put! 

This swatch is AFTER rubbing at the liner with a wet paper towel. It did not smear at all! I had to use oil based remover to get the swatch off my wrist, because just soap and water did nothing. If you are in need of a good budget friendly liquid liner I would absolutely recommend this one!

I was not satisfied to just get that liner though, when some pretty glitter liners next to them caught my eye. Y'all know me and glitter. ;) I couldn't resist also getting the Walk The Line Glitter liquid liner in the shade Licorice, which is black with holographic glitter.

This has the same brush as the standard Walk The Line liner, so ease of application remains the same. 

What I love about this is the glitter is actually noticable. Some glitter liners are so subtle they may as well not even have glitter in them. Not the case with this - it still is not a totally in your face glitter but it is enough to be noticably sparkly and fun.

After being so thrilled with the basic liner, I was expecting this one to be much the same. Unfortunately that was not the case. This one is not as opaque as the basic liner was and you have to apply it a little heavier to get it nice and black. It takes longer to set, so you may have to be mindful about blinking/opening your eyes depending on your eye shape and/or how thick of a line you apply.

The worst part of this liner, however, is staying power. Or to be more accurate, the lack of staying power. This wipes right off. If you rub at your eyes even a little, this liner is coming off. 

It is so very pretty, though. It would perhaps be best layered over a liner with better staying power so if it happens to rub off at least it is only the glitter coming off and you don't look silly with missing eye liner. I would still recommend it if you like glitter liner, just go into the purchase thinking of it as more of a glitter top coat of sorts than a liner you will use alone.

Have you tried either of these liners? What are your thoughts? What other drugstore liquid liners do you love?

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