Monday, March 16, 2015

Hard Candy Shimmer Eye Shadow Primer

Note: all photos were taken indoors near a window in natural overcast light without flash.

Eye shadow primer is an essential part of every makeup stash. Hard Candy has a couple new ones out, and I had to try the Shimmer primer! It is supposed to give all the usual primwr benefits, plus give your shadow some shimmer. (If you love smoky eye looks, you may want to check out the one that is supposed to give a smoky look. I considered getting it too, but I don't do smoky eyes often enough for it to be worth it for me.)

It reminds me of Too Faced Candlelight Shadow Insurance, except that the Too Faced has a warm, golden shimmer and this is a cool, pinky-champagne color with silver shimmer. It blends out so that all you see is the shimmer, and no hint of color. Here is what it looks like with a heavy hand to show the color a bit, and how shimmery it is:

So, how does it perform? The first thing to take note of, of course, is how well it really "makes your shadow shimmer".

On the top is a matte shadow (more details on this specific shadow in an upcoming post) over Hard Candy's basic primer, and below is the same shadow over the Shimmer primer. As you can see, when applied over the Shimmer primer the color is a touch softer, and it does have a subtle shimmer to it. It is not a really noticable effect, but it is definitly there. I think it would be good for those who maybe want a little "oomph" to their mattes but do not want a full on shimmer.

Also important qualities to look for in a primer are how well they help your shadows last through the day. So how does this one hold up?

Pretty darned well! It is comparable to Too Faced, though not *quite* equal to it. About half way through the day I did notice some minimal.creasing, but no fading. By the end of the day the creasing was of course more noticeable but not too bad, and.there was only minimal fading. I have used this primer several times now, and each day has been about the same.

This is absolutely an excellent drugstore primer. It is far superior to L'Oreal De-Crease (but then pretty much everything is better than that stuff!) and the hint of shimmer is nice and gives a subtle effect suitable for day and office.

Overall, I am very happy with this primer and would definitly recommend it.

Have you tried this or the other Hard Candy primers? What are your thoughts? Other drugstore primers that you love?
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