Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hard Candy Natural Eyes Palette

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Note that all photos were taken indoors near a window in natural overcast light without flash.  All shadows are shown swatched over primer.

Among Hard Candy's newest items are three eye shadow palettes: Sassy Eyes,  Natural Eyes,  and Smoky Eyes.  I picked up the Sassy and Natural palettes.  Each of the palettes is in metal packaging with magnetic closure.  They all include six smaller pans of shadow, three larger pans of shadow,  a mini primer,  a mini Take Me Out eye liner (black), a dual ended sponge tip applicator,  and a booklet with shade names and how to achieve three different looks using the colors in the palette.  There is also a mirror inside.

Like the Sassy Eyes palette,  this first time I swatched these colors was not great.  They were better than the shades in the Sassy Eyes palette,  but they also seemed to have a little bit of a film over them that had to be worked through to really get to the colors.  This was not as much of a problem with this palette as it had been with the Sassy Eyes palette,  though. The colors in this palette seem overall to be more pigmented and silky than those in the Sassy Eyes palette.

The colors look different in this picture and the previous picture due to a bit more sunshine coming through the window when I took the previous picture.  For some reason my camera had trouble accurately picking up the colors in this one,  they are actually a bit between the two pictures. The following swatches picked up accurately,  just getting the in pan pictures gave me trouble.  

First row of palette,  left to right: Tease (matte vanilla cream, which is basically invisible on me lol),  Toying (matte soft brown),  and Minx (satin dark chocolate brown)

Second row of palette,  left to right: Bashful (shimmery champagne),  Girlie (shimmery almost metallic soft bronze),  and Philander (shimmery cocoa brown with gold microglitter)

Third row of palette,  left to right: Chatty (matte soft taupe),  Coy (shimmery bright copper), and Frisky (shimmery red-brown with gold micro glitter)

Overall I am really happy with this palette.  I love that there is a nice mix of finishes. Like Sassy Eyes I feel like this would be good for tw/eens and makeup minimalists alike. Those with tons of products already may not be as inclined to go for it as most of the colors are fairly basic.

The primer included is a mini of Hard Candy's basic primer and it works well.  It is among the best drugstore primers I have used.

The eye liner included is about what you would expect from drugstore liner.  It applies pretty smoothly and evenly,  and lasts well with minimal smudging or fading during the day. It is not a very intense black,  more of a charcoal.

Have you picked up any of these palettes?  What are your thoughts?

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