Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hard Candy Lash Ink Mascara

I know I posted about this mascara previously, but am unable to find that post now.

Which I suppose is ok. This had been my favorite drugstore mascara, however I had not used (aka purchased) any in well over a year as I was trying other mascaras out and using Just For Redheads more often than not. Recently, however, I needed new mascara. I figured I would go back to this because again, it was a favorite and I loved it.

Unfortunately for me, it has changed.

Where the old formula came with a standard wand and was truly a lightweight stain more than anything and left my lashes soft and natural to the touch, the newer formula (which may not be "new" anymore, as I said it had been quite a while) comes with a different style wand that I detest and the formula is thicker now and gel-like. It is heavy and leaves my lashes simultaneously stiff and tacky feeling to the touch. The new brush picks up WAY too much product and is difficult to wipe the excess from before applying. It stays wet quite a while so if you are not careful it will smudge and transfer while you wait for it to dry. Even once it is dry it retains a tackiness that just bugs the heck out of me. The new formula flakes off as well, something that was never an issue with the original formula.

I loved the old formula. Loved it. It was absolutely perfect. This new version? I hate it. I do not often go so far as to say I hate a beauty product but this is one where that is the best way to express just how much I dislike it. I would not recommend this one. On my next trip to the store I will be looking for something else. Another way you know I really do not like sonething - y'all know how I hate being wasteful and will use up a product even if I do not necessarily like it simply so it is not wasted. This, however, is going in the trash just as soon as I can get something to replace it.

Isn't it just awful when a product is awesome then it gets reformulated and it is then lousy?

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