Thursday, January 29, 2015

Julep Dashing Mini Lipstick Trio

 I have kept my Julep Maven subscription active despite the fact that for about the past two years (that long already?!) I have pretty much skipped every box and the few I have taken have left me disappointed. I loved Julep when I first discovered them - and I keep wanting to love them again. They have made some changes over the past few months and it seems like they are trying to improve. Yet for me they are still consistently missing the mark and I still find myself unimpressed with the monthly selections and skipping skipping skipping.

I did take January's box, though. Purely by accident. I had logged in and made some tentative selections but I was not really feeling any of the options. I had made up my mind to skip afterall but with life being busy I totally forgot to log back in and skip.

The only part of my order I had any sincere interest in was the add-on I selected: the Dashing Mini Lipstick Trio. I actually really loved the mini lipsticks they did way back when in the 20's collection and with the colors in this trio being described as sheer neutrals, it seemed right up my alley.

For the first time in a long time, Julep did not disappoint me. Unlike the previous lipstick trios, this time they were clear about these being minis as opposed to full sized products. Julep is kind of notorious for making you think you are getting full size then you get the items and they are minis instead. So knowing upfront what size to expect was a good thing. But check out these pretty colors:

(Pictures taken indoors next to a window in natural shaded light without flash)

This is the description of the trio from Julep:
These semi-sheer satin neutrals are designed to slip on like a lip balm and stay on while you go, go, go! Infused with our Power Cell ComplexTM, each one is ultra hydrating for happy lips.

 Trio Includes:
Belle: Sheer blush pink
Wink: Sheer peach
Jinx: Sheer dusty rose

Despite the hint that they are long wearing they wear like your average lipstick. In other words expect to reapply several times throughout the day. They are very lightweight and not at all drying. I would not really say they are hydrating/balm-like. But the colors are just so pretty and so utterly perfect for when you want a soft but still noticeable color to wear, it is hard to not love them!

I am not sure which one is my favorite. I think if I were really pressed to pick just one it would be Wink. I love all three of them though!

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