Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Remington T Studio Silk Ceramic 1-inch Straightener

If you follow me on  G+ (or know me outside of the beauty blogging world) you know that yesterday my dad gave me a Christmas gift a little early.

I have been wanting a new straightener for quite a while. My old (Revlon) one was a pain to use. Literally. It was not designed very well and I constantly burned myself when using it and it snagged in my hair a lot. It was also sort of bulky and awkward to use particularly for curling. 

I spent a couple hours playing with this new Remington straightener yesterday (and will be treating my hair to some deep conditioning soon to make up for it!) and so far I am extremely impressed! 

This straightener has a "salon length" swivel cord, which translates to approximately 6-feet. It does not have a hanging loop (the only thing I will miss about the old Revlon one) so storage might be an issue depending on your preferred method of storing your styling tools. I usually hang mine on little hooks in the bathroom, so I will have to come up with something else for this one. But that is OK. 

It says that it heats up in 15 seconds. I did not time it on the lower heat settings but on the default heat of 380°F it takes about 25 seconds. Still perfectly respectable and fast. There are three tiers of heat settings available: 300°- 340°F, 360°- 400°F, and 420°- 455°F. 

The controls are on the side of the unit on the outside. 

With this placement of controls you might be concerned about accidentally changing the temperature or turning it off while using it. But the folks at Remington thought about that! You have the option of "locking" the controls after setting the desired temperature, so accidental changes or shut offs are not an issue! You will know the controls are locked when there is a lock icon on the screen. 

The sides of the straightener are rounded, so it is perfect not just for straightening but also for curling and creating little flips and flicks in your hair. The floating plates are smooth and glide effortlessly through the hair. 

The outside of the unit stays relatively "cool" to the touch. It does heat up - we are talking about a device on which even at the lowest heat is 300°F. But I found I was able to handle it comfortably without burning myself. No, you would not want to just grab it and hold it for an extended length of time. But for a couple seconds at a time to move it around as necessary during use? It can be handled easily, for me. (You may or may not agree on this as everyone has their own level of heat tolerance.)

My hair tends to be difficult to style, especially when curling. It is naturally wavy, some days it is a little straighter and some days it almost wants to curl (it just can't quite get there lol). I have an easier time straightening it than getting it to hold a curl, though even so with the straighteners I have used in the past even to straighten I tended to need the highest heat setting available and still often had to go over sections more than once. With this straightener, using the default heat setting of 380°F my hair was perfectly straightened in just one pass. 

(Not the best pictures ahead. Sorry about that.)

Natural hair texture. And a little funky ponytail bump at the top... oops. :p
Getting started
After straightening
But as I mentioned, this straightener is perfect for curling too! Y'all know how I love a good multi-tasking product! Knowing my hair hates to hold a curl, I upped the temperature a bit to 400°F for my first curling session. I did not use any product (except a heat protecting serum) so the curls did not last for more than a couple hours. I was very happy with how they turned out, though! If I had used some mousse or styling creme and hair spray they would have lasted significantly longer I am sure. Since this was just a "first impression" kind of trial run with the straightener (and it was already the end of the day) I didn't bother. 

After curling

Overall I am incredibly pleased with this straightener! It is marked on the box as being limited edition. I don't know if that is a reference to the specific model or just the color. This product alone is not on the Remington web site, it is only shown as part of a bundle pack. It is available at Wal Mart, Target, Walgreens etc. Some places have it in various bundles and others have it separately. I have seen it range in price from $25-$65 depending on the contents of the bundle. If you are in the market for a new budget friendly straightener, or if someone on your holiday gift list would love to have one, I highly recommend this one and you should definitely check it out!

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