Monday, October 13, 2014

Technology Is Not My Friend

I had planned to post a couple more Halloween manis, however I am having computer trouble. Yep, technology hates me. So now in addition to not having a home internet connection I do not have a way to transfer pictures from the camera to the nook so I can post once I can get to the library or another source of WiFi. I will keep trying as I do have one more Halloween mani already photographed as well as two other notd manis but I just need to get the pictures onto the nook to be able to post them.

The good news is that we have a new laptop on layaway right now. Hopefully before the end of the year I will have a working computer and home internet so that I can get back to posting more regularly. I miss y'all! In the mean time remember you can reach me on social media - my links are in the sidebar to the right. (Instagram is where you are most likely to find me)

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