Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween Galaxy Nails

I was browsing through my stash the other day and happened to realize that I have a color that is rather ideal as a base for galaxy nails. Of course galaxy nails can be any colors you want so a black base is not totally necessary but I wanted to do something for Halloween as well so when the galaxy nails thought hit me, I knew what I would be doing: Halloween galaxy nails!

I started the look off with Nicole by OPI "Follow Me On Glitter" then added purple (Nicole by OPI "Love Song") and orange (Salon Perfect "Pumpkin"). I added a few white dots for some "stars" (then was not patient enough before top coat and smeared them. Oops.) As the final touch I added some Revlon "Celestial FX" which is a clear polish with sparse silver holo microglitter and silver holo stars, moons, and diamonds. I picked out some stars for this and a moon as well.

It didn't photograph that well (I really wish my DSLR had not died on me last year, I miss it!) but in person it turned out quite beautiful and a really fun look. Very Halloween-appropriate indeed. :)

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