Monday, September 22, 2014

Halloween Nails 2014

Just a note before getting to the good stuff: this is the first post I am making from the blogger app. I apologize if anything is goofy as a result.

I know it might be a tad early to post Halloween nails, but it is officially fall now so that makes it ok right? I actually did this a couple of weeks ago but did not get a chance to post till now and I thought perhaps before it was too early to post.

These nails are inspired by my favorite Halloween movie: Hocus Pocus. My sister and I have a long standing tradition of watching this movie together at least once every year (even if "together" means we are on the phone talking or texting each other if we can't physically hang out) and we both tend to watch several times on our own through October.

I had planned to do some airbrushing on this but once I got started I just got into it and didn't feel like getting the aribrush out so I just went with free handing instead.

The index finger is based on Winnie's dress, which is primarily green with some purple and gold accents. The middle finger is based on Mary's dress, which consists of reds and a red/brown plaid skirt. The striping on this is not too noticeable in the picture because the shades of red uses were so similar (as are the shades of Mary's dress) but in person it was easy to see the different shades of red used. The ring finger is based on Sarah's dress which has lots of lacy purple and pinkish purple. The bodice of her dress actually has a floral design on it but I wanted to keep this mani simple so I skipped adding any floral accents.

The pinky is based on the black flame candle - the key element to the Hocus Pocus story that makes all the magic happen. I put the black flame candle design on a bright green background, which was done with two shades of green and had some wet brush texturizing to give it a smoky look (again much more easily seen in person than in the picture) to represent Winnie's bubbling green potion. (Max's bike was also a bright lime green.) And on the thumb is a design based on Winnie's spell book. Because a witch can't do her thing without her spell book!

Are y'all fans of Hocus Pocus? What other Halloween movies do you enjoy? Have you done a mani inspired by your favorite Halloween movies?

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