Thursday, August 7, 2014


I'll give you the good stuff first,  so those who only want to see the NOTD details can get right to it and those who are interested in personal updates can just keep reading.

I just did a simple mani today when I had time: a basic French with polymer heart accents.  Nothing fancy. This was only my second time using an airbrush,  so it is very flawed but I am learning.  I kind of love it.  Once I get the hang of it y'all can expect to see more airbrushed looks from me for sure.  :)

And now for the personal update:

My dad's surgery was yesterday,  so it was a very long,  exhausting day spent mostly in the hospital waiting room.  His surgery went well.  He lost more blood than they had thought he would and it looked for a while like he would need a transfusion.  (Apparently common for this surgery so they were prepared for it just in case.) It ended up not being necessary though thank goodness.  His heart rate had dropped a bit too low as well,  but came back up in post-op. He might be able to come home Saturday or Sunday - taking it one day at a time based on how well he hheals.  He was able to get up to walk around a little last night amd started physical therapy today - very light PT for now of course but the fact he could start is very good.  He said he is pretty sore but feels ok.

The staff was all wonderful,  they were kind and helpful and just great.  Well most of them - one of them was an absolute bitch but she was only present in the waiting room for a brief period of time so it was not too bad.  All I will say is if you can't handle answering the same questions repeatedly from different patients and their family members (who are all probably pretty stressed, worried,  and miserable even if they don't show it outwardly) you should choose a different field of work...  But again besides her everyone was wonderful and did their best to make the day a little easier.

As for me,  I now have a couple days with which to relax. I do have to mow the lawn which means selecting a pair of shoes to sacrifice as I don't currently have any old beat up "yard work" shoes.  Sad. I hate to give one of them up.  But you do what you've gotta do right?

I hope y'all are enjoying your summer,  which is rapidly approaching its end both in terms of weather and back to school time for those still in school. The leaves are already changing on the trees here, something I noticed starting a couple weeks ago. This coming winter should be interesting.

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