Friday, August 1, 2014

Monthly Favorites - Yes or No?

I have been contemplating doing "monthly favorites" posts for a while but am undecided.  I know a lot of bloggers and youtubers do these posts (or videos,  as the case may be). Do y'all like those kind of posts, and would you like to see them from me?

I hesitate to add these to the schedule for a couple reasons.

First and foremost,  usually the ladies that post these are including a lot of new products.  I can't afford to constantly buy new products all the time. My funds have always been limited anyway but recently have been even moreso,  and things are about to get even worse as far as finances go. While I can on occasion splurge on one or two things, it really is not a regular occurance.

Also,  I have really cleared out my stash. I still have a fair amount of products to choose from and honestly for me and my life/preferences right now I still feel I have a bit too much but I love what is left too much to part with it. What I do have though is a small amount as compared to other bloggers. My list of favorites would likely be rather repetitive.

These lists of monthly favorites are probably not going to be very fun or interesting when considering my rather small stash and the lack of new (or at least new to me) products.

It is still something on my mind though,  as something to post regularly at the end of each month.  I could include non-beauty things as well to break up the monotony a bit I suppose,  but honestly I am not sure what other things could be included (cook books I make a lot of use of? Toys or treats the dog seems to be enjoying a lot?) and like with my beauty products it would likely get repetitive pretty quickly.

Let me know what y'all think. Monthly favorites posts - yes or no?  If yes,  would the inclusion of non-beauty items be cool,  or no?  What non-beauty things would you like to see included?  Give me your feedback in the comments below or on Google+ or Instagram (links to social media are in the sidebar to the right) and let me know what you think!

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