Tuesday, August 12, 2014


FYI - I welcome your comments on my blog and social media,  even if you don't agree with what I have to say.  Provided you can voice your opinion in a mature,  polite,  respectful manner.  I am considering un-liking a page I follow (on fb) because any time anyone comments with anything other than a "this is so awesome!" type comment,  the page owner takes it personally and gets defensive,  and other people then get snippy and rude with the folks who had politely simply expressed a different opinion. I understand as a content author,  it can be hard to not take "negative" comments personally.  However, it is something you need to learn to deal with. Notice the quotation marks around the word negative. I am having a dense moment and can't think of the word I really want to use.  I am using negative here in reference to comments like "I don't see the need for this product because... " or "I think if you try xyz you might get better results" etc.  I am not referring to rude,  hateful comments that are meant as personal attacks or that offer no real value.  ("Eww this is nasty!" or "You're so ugly" type comments.) Not everyone is going to love everything you post,  for one reason or another.  And that is ok!  Just because they don't like some stuff does not mean they don't like your site/blog/work as a whole, it does not mean they don't understand what you are saying or what your page is about, it does not make them rude or "a hater" - it just means they don't happen to like or agree with *everything* you post.  And again,  that is ok!  We all have different preferences,  likes,  and needs.  As long as everyone can be polite and agree to disagree while allowing those with differing opinions to voice those opinions without feeling like a villian for it,  there is nothing wrong with comments disagreeing with a post.

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