Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Time Invested In Blogging

Another blog I follow posted something recently about the time it takes to blog, and as this is a subject I often reflect upon myself,  I thought I would write about it as well.

Keep in mind for right now I am not able to blog as much as I normally do or would like to. I am going to talk about my time invested in this blog under normal circumstances,  when things in other areas of my life are not quite as demanding.

I think a lot of non-bloggers and casual bloggers do not realize how much time and effort a serious blogger puts in to what they do. It is a lot more involved than "just writing".

It is not uncommon for the posts I make here to eat up 6-8 hours of my time.  And that is JUST time spent on the post itself,  from setting up for photos to clicking publish. Some posts come together more quickly and others take even more time,  depending on what the post is and how in-depth the provided information is.  Obviously a quick NOTD or EOTD will take less time than a product review or tutorial.

But that is,  again,  just time spent on the actual post.  That does not include time spent using/testing a product to review,  or if I am doing a manicure or EOTD just for the blog the time spent creating the look.

It also does not include time spent working on the design of the blog - creating graphics,  uploading them,  organizing links and information in the sidebar etc.  Not to mention the troubleshooting to try to fix problems that may arise with the blog from time to time.  There is also reading and responding to comments and emails,  as well as time spent utilizing and interacting with other forms of social media as a supplement to the blog.

Once all is said and done,  writing this blog is truly a full time job for me.

One I do NOT get paid for.

I do have some ads here - ones that generate so little revenue in the five or so years (if I am remebering correctly) I have had them up I have yet to reach the $100 minimum cash out even once.

I DO make sponsored posts here when the opportunity arises.  Thus far the only sponsored posts I have ever done have been in the form of free product in exchange for a review.  I know some readers have a problem with blogs doing sponsored posts,  whether of this type or where there has been monetary imbursment in exchange for the post.  My only problem with these posts comes when said blogger NEVER posts their own original non-sponsored content anymore in favor of only doing sponsored posts and every one of those posts is a glowing review.  It is hard to believe and trust a person who claims to totally love every product they get for free.  As such,  when it comes to my own blog I try very hard to maintain a balance between sponsored posts and my own non-sponsored content. That balance may tip from time to time,  for example right now I really do not have much to spend on new products to swatch and review,  so if I get more sponsored opportunities then sponsored posts will be more frequent. It is that or no new product reviews.  And I also will not post strictly in favor of products I have been sent for review just because I didn't have to pay for it.  If I don't like it or think it's overpriced for what you get,  I am going to say so.

While the opportunity has not presented itself yet,  if and when it does,  I have every intention of accepting monetary imbursment in exchange for posts here.  Again I know some readers take issue with bloggers who do this.  If you don't like it. You are free to avert your eyes,  click the little x at the top of your browser window,  and remove my blog from your subscriptions.  I put a lot of time and effort into this blog.  It is truly a full time job,  and I really think given that,  I DESERVE to take advantage of the opportunity to get paid for my efforts should that opportunity ever present itself to me.

All that said,  I also want to take a minute to thank y'all for all the love and support you have given me over the years.  I know some of you have been with me from the very beginning,  when I blogged over at another site. I know things get quiet around here sometimes,  but that's life and I wouldn't change it if I could.  Y'all understand that and stick with me through thick and thin,  and I love you so much for that.  I miss being able to write here more often and am working on getting things back to normal but it is hard,  because it requires money I simply don't have,  and there are so many other things that need dealt with that are more important than the internet and computer issues.  We live in a society that sees the internet as a necessity but the fact is,  it isn't and when money gets tight (or tighter than usual as the case may be) the internet is among the first of the expenses that can be cut to make affording other things like food and water a little more doable in the "lean times". I have been in a pretty rough patch for a while now and it is about to get worse but hopefully that means it won't be too much longer before things start getting better again.  I have an awful lot on my plate to deal with right now,  and y'all sticking with me through this madness that is life means the world to me.  I do get to post to instagram pretty regularly, so if you don't already and would like to,  make sure you click on over to follow me there.  (See link in sidebar to the right.)

Thank you again for sticking with me.  I may not be Kandee Johnson famous,  and truthfully I wouldn't want to be,  but I do have an awesome group of readers,  followers,  and friends here.  Y'all are truly the best!

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