Thursday, July 17, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Review

I absolutely adore my Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain. While as I have gotten older I have developed more of a preference for less glossy finishes in my lip products,  I do still love gloss sometimes.  (Hence my owning every shade of Hard Candy Glossaholic. Lol) So naturally I wanted to try Moisture Stain.

The product claims from Revlon,  as found on their web site:

• Drenches lips in glossy wet color

• Ultra-light creamy lipstain with Vitamin E and Aloe

• 88% of women felt lips were instantly moisturized without stickiness

I picked up the shade London Posh. I have to say I wish makeup companies would come up with a better way of providing a visual of lip colors because so often you don't get what you were expecting.  As was the case with this.  Based on the tube,  I thought this was going to be a rosy mauve. Instead it is a rather strongly orange based deep apricot. On their web site this color is shown as a pale peachy nude.  Even further from the true color than what you see before opening the tube.  (I never trust company swatches online,  it seems they are never remotely close to the actual colors.)

That said,  I don't hate the color. I don't love it either,  and I am bummed it is nothing like I anticipated.  It is not a color I would choose. I am not a fan of orange lip colors,  they don't generally work well with my skin tone.  This is a light enough shade and has just enough pinkness to it that it isn't too bad. It doesn't look quite as orange once applied due to the natural pigment in my lips,  but it is still a bit too orangey for my preferences. I paid $10 for it so you can bet I will use it. But based on color alone,  I would not repurchase.

All pictures were taken outdoors in natural shaded sun light without flash. Pardon my freckles.  They came with the red hair.  ;)

Now let's discuss other aspects of the product.

I like the shape of the sponge tip applicator.  It allows for more precise application than your standard doe foot applicators,  I think,  and also pick up plenty of product for application.  You don't have to dip back into the tube over and over to get more product. What is on the applicator when you open the tube is plenty.

Drenches lips in glossy wet color claim - I would have to say yes.  (See pictures above.) It feels a little weird going on.  I can't figure out how to explain it.  It's kind of like when you apply lotion when your skin is still wet after a shower - sort of slippery,  for lack of a better word.

Ultra light - Again I have to say yes, the product meets the claim.  It is a very lightweight lip color.  It feels smooth and creamy on the lips,  without being heavy at all. It doesn't feel like you have product on your lips.

Instantly moisturing without stickiness claim - Eh...  Not so much in my opinion.  It isn't sticky,  but I wouldn't say my lips feel moisturized. It isn't drying,  but I personally don't feel it is hydrating either.  My lips just feel normal.

Notice while this product is called a stain,  there are no claims that it is long wearing.  I think this being called a stain is misleading.  After using it almost daily for a week now,  I can say it absolutely is NOT a stain.  I would consider it more of a standard lip gloss,  with above average staying power.  It will leave behind marks on your glasses/bottles of things you drink.  It does transfer readily at the touch.  (Your SO will have visual evidence on them if you smooch.) It does seem to hold up fairly well through sipping a beverage frequently,  but you're going to have to reapply after eating. It simply does not wear as a stain,  contrary to the name Moisture Stain.

If I look at the product as a stain,  I am highly disappointed. Considering the product strictly as a gloss,  it is average,  or perhaps a bit above average at best. Is it worth the price? I can't honestly say I feel like it is worth the $10. These days $10 for a ds lippy is no longer that crazy,  and isn't really far from the average anymore.  But that doesn't automatically mean the value is there.  In this case I don't feel it is.

Have you tried any of the colors from this line?  What are your thoughts?

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