Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother's Day Nails 2014

I am moving on Friday, so most of my stuff is packed already. I still have to finish up tomorrow. I found the box I had packed my nail stuff in though and wanted to throw together a little Mother's Day nail art. I said I'd try to get at least one post made this week and I wanted to stick to that. =) 

Because this is a Mother's Day design, it is of course inspired by my wonderful mom! She's the best mom in the world, and she is a cancer survivor. I cherish my mom so much.

For my Mother's Day nails inspired by her, I did a couple simple flowers because she loves flowers. Her favorite bird is the hummingbird, so I had to include that. And in a small nod to my mom's tattoos, a heart with "Mom" in it. Granted none of my mom's tattoos are hearts with "Mom" on them, but it's a common one and I felt it fitting for this manicure.

I didn't have any proper tools to work with, so all this was just done freehand with the pointy end of a wooden cuticle stick.

I'm quite pleased with that little hummingbird. ;-)

Colors used:

Julep: Bunny
SinfulColors: Sailor's Delight, Whipped, Got A Blush On You
Zoya: Sooki
Rainbow Honey: The Kraken

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