Friday, April 18, 2014

NOTD: Easter Nails

Last night I decided to do a little last-minute Easter mani. Nothing too fancy or crazy - just something cute and simple that anybody could do.

I used gel polish from SensatioNail for everything except the bunny - I currently do not have black or white gel polish so I had to use regular polish for that bit. It's all sealed with gel topcoat. I took the picture before applying gel topcoat over the bunny design though - hence that nail is not as shiny in the picture. The polish used for the design was not dry yet and when applying regular polish over gels it needs to be 100% dry before sealing it with the gel topcoat. I was just a little too eager to get the pictures taken and couldn't wait, though.

My inspiration was simple Easter egg dye patterns - zig zag stripes, dots, and glitter coated. And of course, one must include a cute little bunny in Easter themed things, right? ;-)

The colors I used for this look are:

SensatioNail Pink Chiffon, Bombshell Beauty, and Rose Gold Glitter

Bunny details were done with Ruby Wing Fresh Linen, SinfulColors Whipped, and SinfulColors Sailor's Delight.

Everything was done freehand, just using the regular brushes in each polish. No special tools or anything.

Are your nails ready for Easter? What design did you do? If you haven't done your nails yet, what do you plan to do with them for the holiday, if anything?

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