Monday, March 17, 2014

Girlactik Beauty Face Glimmer: Pink Diamond

All photos in this post were taken indoors in indirect natural light with no flash.

Another of the products found in my March box from Wantable, this is my second product from Girlactik Beauty. (Their Star Shadow in Frenchie was my first experience with their line of products.)

Face Glimmer is a cream highlighter. It comes in a squeeze-tube with a doe-foot applicator. I personally really like this packaging for it, it's cute, simple, and effective. The doe-foot applicator allows for precise application of the product; just a little dab from the applicator directly on your skin then use your fingers (or a cosmetic sponge, if you prefer) to blend.

The color is a soft, shimmery pink; as you would expect from a color called Pink Diamond.

Face Glimmer is very lightweight, and blends out effortlessly. As with most highlighters and shimmer-laden products, a little goes a long way. When applied lightly, it offers up a nice, soft glow. It layers easily to create a more intense highlight, and as you build up the layers the soft pink hue becomes more noticeable. If applied heavily (for example, using the doe-foot applicator to apply & lightly blend out the product, keeping it concentrated in a small area) it has a frosty, almost metallic finish. When applied lightly it will dry quickly to a silky finish; if applied heavier it takes a while though. It stays in place quite well but there will be some slight rub-off, particularly with heavier applications. I have applied it somewhat heavily in the swatches below to show the soft pink color.

Overall, this is a product that I really like. I honestly don't use highlighter often, so I can't say that this will see a ton of use. But it's certainly among my favorite highlighters that I have tried, and it's one I'm happy to have added to my stash. I'll probably most often use it as a brow highlight - the doe-foot applicator makes it ideal for that purpose, since you can be so precise with the application.

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