Thursday, March 20, 2014


It has been ages since I have done an EOTD/FOTD post here. Honestly I have not been wearing makeup very often, and when I have worn it, it's been my usual very soft, neutral looks. Those are my favorite but hardly worth creating a blog post.

This is actually from earlier in the week. I am makeupless again today. But earlier in the week, I just felt like having some "girly time" and that included some makeup. I didn't do anything really creative or anything - I kept it simple. Purple and gold on the eyes and soft pinks on the cheeks and lips. 

I didn't make note of which products I used to create this look; if anyone really wants to know I can get my stuff out and look and let you know though. I only have a small bit of makeup here in NC with me, so trust me when I say I'll be able to pick out exactly what I used again to share.

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