Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My February Wantable Box

Over the course of the rest of this week and next week, I'll be sharing details about the products that were in my February box from Wantable. I wish that I could get my box from them every month but more often than not I wind up having to skip due to my puny budget, but when I do get them, I always LOVE them! If you're not familiar with Wantable, they are a subscription service offering 3 monthly boxes you can get: Intimates (not for plus size gals at this time, unfortunately - sizes are quite limited), Accessories, and Makeup. You can get any box or combination of boxes you like. You fill out a profile with information about your preferences, and each month you get a box that's filled with goodies customized just for you. Each box is $36 for subscribers, but if you're not after the commitment of a subscription, you can pay $40 for a one-time purchase.

Here's what was in my February Makeup box:

Later in the week and next week I will share reviews and swatches of most of these items, but for today I'm just going to share about the brush and sample that were included.

This is the Prime Brush from Michael Marcus. It's got super soft Taklon bristles, and is supposed to be ideal for applying primer, concealer, or foundation.

 I've not had a chance to use it for any of those things just yet. I like to give brushes a good run of use before reviewing them so I have an idea of their durability, but my initial impression of this one is that it is very good quality. The bristles are super soft, and I love that they're Taklon. I did use it to apply a face mask. because I wasn't in the mood to get my fingers goopey, and it did a really great job of that task and cleaned up easily. I'll try to remember to do a follow-up on this one after I've used it for its intended purposes for a while.

And, I've not had a chance to try this out yet but am anxious to try it: Sorme primer. I have a couple primers in my stash that I like well enough and they do the job, but they all contain silicone and they're heavier than I'd like them to be. So I'm intrigued by this one since it is silicone free. Being oil-free is a huge plus, too. As with the brush, I'll try to remember to do a follow-up after trying it out.

I know this was a little more "useless show and tell" than anything, sorry about that. But I didn't want to showcase everything from the box in one single post, I thought it would be too long if I did that. More deets on the rest of the products to follow.

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