Sunday, February 16, 2014

DEX New York Lip Gloss: Christopher Street Orchid

The final product from my February box from Wantable is this gorgeous lip gloss from DEX New York.

All photos were taken indoors in indirect natural, overcast light with no flash.

The gloss comes with a standard doe foot applicator. I feel like with the formula of this particular gloss, a squeeze tube might be a better packaging option. Maybe even just replacing the doe foot applicator with a brush would be better. The gloss is a little thick for a doe foot applicator, in my opinion. Because of the consistency of the gloss, the applicator isn't able to pick up much product. It takes several dips back into the tube to get more color pay-off from it.

This is the only problem I have with the product. Everything else I am very pleased with!

The color, Christopher Street Orchid, is a gorgeous shimmery golden soft pink. It is supposed to be a high shine gloss, but I don't find it to be high gloss. When applied in a single light layer, using just the amount of product on the applicator without dipping it back in the tube to get more product, it leaves a shimmery finish and just a hint of shine. If layered on the shine does become more noticeable  but it's still not what I'd call a high shine gloss. It's just a touch above a "just licked your lips" kind of shine. Which is a good thing for me, as I don't always want a lip gloss that is super shiny. If you're looking for something that's going to give you a super shiny finish, though, this gloss is not for you.

The formula is incredible! It's very lightweight; it feels more like wearing lip balm than lip gloss. I can barely tell I have it on when I wear it.  This particular color is sheer; I don't know if all the colors are sheer or if others are more opaque. This gloss also has vanilla in it, which gives it a nice soft fragrance. It is noticeable  and sticks around a while, so if you're not fond of lip glosses that have fragrance keep that in mind. I personally love it. It is not a fake, candy-vanilla fragrance like a lot of lip products have. It is actual vanilla extract in the product, so it smells like genuine vanilla. I can 100% verify this as I have some vanilla beans in my kitchen right this moment, and the gloss smells just like them. Which, to me, translates to it smells divine! It also has vitamin E in the formula, so it's moisturizing.

The gloss is not sticky at all, and I find it to have above average staying power. It holds up pretty well through frequent sipping of water - after eating of course you will need to reapply but I think that's expected with most lip products anyway. Though due to the sheer, soft color, any fading is going to be less noticeable than it would be with a more opaque color. Once the color wears off from this one, it does leave behind some shimmer on your lips that is quite stubborn and difficult to remove. I don't mind this (I am, afterall, a huge fan of glitter and all things shimmery and sparkly!) but if you don't like the idea of shimmer left behind, you may want to consider skipping this color due to that trait.

Overall, this is a very nice gloss, and there are a couple other shades I intend to add to my wish list. Despite the less-than-ideal (in my opinion) packaging, this was my favorite product from my February box. The color is exactly something I would have picked out for myself, and I really love the lightweight, moisturizing formula and the true vanilla fragrance just makes it absolute perfection to me!

Do y'all get boxes from Wantable? If so, what was in your February box? If you don't subscribe but are interested in checking them out, just click here. You don't have to subscribe, either - you can also opt to make a one-time purchase so you can get a feel for the service minus the commitment.

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