Thursday, November 14, 2013

Julep Kajal Dual Eye Liner

Oh, Julep... Has anyone else been disappointed with pretty much everything from them this year? I've only gotten 4 of my Maven boxes this year, and of those four I've only been happy with one of them, one was a complete disappointment, and the other two were just ho-hum. Every month there have been big issues with billing and/or shipping. I know Julep's a young company but really... even for a young company to have major issues consistently like like they do, is not a good sign. What's worse is there have been issues of the company posting things on their Facebook page that are misleading to the consumers, and then when things go awry, as they do every month (seriously... every month without fail...) the company has not once posted anything to address the issues. I don't like that. You can't please everybody all the time, and you're going to mess up sometimes. That's cool. I'm fine with that. But how a company chooses to handle it's bumps and mishaps is quite possibly the most important thing... and Julep's pretending issues do not exist and waiting for people to forget is not how mistakes should be handled. Customers being led to believe a product will work for them, then when they get the product and it's totally wrong for them and the company brushes it off as "Gee, too bad for you." is NOT good business practice. I loved Julep when I first discovered them a couple years ago. But this past year has really made me question them. I could go on and get into some more issues I have with them but I won't - I'll simply leave it at they're not likely to have me as a customer much longer. I keep holding off on canceling my Maven membership in hopes that they'll turn things around and get better, but as of right now, it doesn't look like that will be happening. I've got enough Jules to get another box for free, so I'm kind of waiting for a box that looks promising to cash those in and then, unless I feel I've still got a reason to stick with them a little longer, I'll be done. It's a shame... I don't know if they've just gotten way too big for their britches too fast and are having some issues dealing with that or what, but they are most certainly not handling things well, whatever the internal issues are.


The Kajal eye liner was in my most recent (free, thanks to having enough Jules to cover it) Maven box. It was the first box in a couple months that I was interested in, as I'm always looking for good eye liner. Eye liner application is not one of my strengths, so I like to try out different brands and formulas in hopes of finding one I'll like and do well with when I do wear it.

I am unsure how I feel about the dual ended, single pencil packaging. It is convenient for traveling, this way, because you can bring along both colors with just one pencil. But at the same time, that means for those who strictly use one color and don't want the other... they're stuck with it. 

The black side is your basic, matte black liner.

The brown is a shimmery, standard brown.

Arm swatch, cause those are so helpful right? LOL The shimmer in the brown is subtle; I wish it stood out more than it does but the fact that it is such a soft effect makes it ideal for daily wear. Neither color is very pigmented with one pass. It's always been my understanding that kajal liners are supposed to be quite pigmented and intense. (Correct me if I am wrong.) The Julep pencil... not so much. They both can indeed be layered up to a more intense application but I'm not one for layering my eye liner. I like liners I can do one pass with and be done.

But with that said, the formula does glide on pretty smoothly. They're both just a touch on the dry side for my preferences, the brown moreso than the black. But they both applied fairly well without too much trouble. They don't offer the smoothest application I've had from eye liners, but they aren't awful either. They're in the middle of the road for me.

They don't wear that well for me; they smudge easily and if you sweat/cry/are otherwise exposed to water for a little while, they both run. I'd recommend setting them with a matching powder if possible to help avoid unwanted smudging.

Overall, this pencil is really just "eh" to me. It is not the worst eye liner out there, but it's far from the best. Just average, in my opinion. I'd not purchase it individually. Because I had the Jules to get this in a  Maven box for free, I can't really complain too much. But with it's price tag ($22 retail, $17.60 for Mavens) it really isn't worth it. You could get a better liner with more product to it for about the same price if you went for something higher end like Urban Decay or Too Faced, or if you like mid/lower price range makeup like NYX, Hard Candy, Styli-Style, Maybelline etc. you could pick up 2+ liners for that price and again wind up with way more product for your money.

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