Saturday, November 2, 2013

Femme Couture Get Waterproof Mascara Topcoat

I picked this up at Sally Beauty Supply this past summer. I'd actually gone in for a couple other things which I quickly found, and for once I managed to not let myself wander and get anything except what I'd gone in for. Till I got to the register, and saw this display sitting there. Since my favorite mascaras are only water resistant not waterproof, and my eyes tend to be a little watery at times, this product seemed like a worthy investment. I think I paid about $8 or so for it. I don't remember for sure, it could have been a little less than that or a little more. But somewhere in that ballpark.

I got to put this stuff to the test at my "baby" cousin's wedding not long after buying it. I've never cried at a wedding before but at this particular one I did. Heck if I know why but I did. And I was wearing one of my Hard Candy mascaras that day, which was not even water resistant. I had put some of this top coat on over it.

And ya know what?

This stuff WORKS.

My mascara had not budged despite my tears.

Here is a close-up of the wand, which is a standard skinny spiral wand:

As you can see, the product itself is a creamy white color. It resembles face/lip primer, I think. But rest assured, once it has been applied and it's had a chance to dry, it's completely clear!

You apply your mascara first as you normally would - whether that means one coat or three, do your thing. Then let your mascara dry completely. This is important. Trust me, I learned the hard way on an impatient day. If your mascara is not totally dry, when you apply the topcoat it just "pulls" the mascara off your lashes. So have a little patience and let your mascara dry. Then you just apply a coat of this over your mascara. You can add a second coat if you want but I've found one coat tends to be sufficient. That's all there is to it! Your mascara will be waterproof for the day!

It washes off easily at the end of the day too, so you don't have to worry it will make removing your mascara a pain. I just did my usual face wash, nothing special, and it all came off cleanly with no need to scrub at my eyes or use additional makeup remover.

Total win!

If I am remembering correctly the display for this said it was limited edition but something tells me it will be back next summer if it is not still around. Since then I stumbled onto a waterproof mascara topcoat from another company (though I've forgotten which brand it was, sorry) that is available year-round. Which means there are probably others out there as well. I'd say give them a shot if you haven't and if you want to waterproof your mascara! I know a lot of us want or need a waterproof mascara but hate how difficult they can be to remove at the end of the day. Or maybe you find a formula that you totally love otherwise but it is not waterproof. (Hello, my beloved Just For Redheads mascaras! lol) This adds an extra step to your routine, but is totally worth it for making sure your mascara won't run in the rain/snow/heat, or if you happen to cry.

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