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SinfulColors Leather Luxe & Crystal Crushes Fall Collections

Leather Luxe 

Tease, taunt and turn heads this fall with the SinfulColors Leather Luxe Collection. A texture rich, trend-setting collection of stylish matte finish nail polish shades which are richly pigmented to provide a flirtatious way to flaunt your style.  The Leather Luxe Collection features eight weather-warming shades with leather-inspired finishes. The best part: they come in every popular base color so there's a
leather-icious look for everyone.  

         Laced Up: enthralling orange                  
Leather Loose: safari sinful brown
         Whipped: beguiling black                        
Get It On: bravely berry
         Strapped: scintillating seafoam                
My Turn: stunning steel
Cold Leather: enchanting night sky            
SinfulColors Leather Luxe, $1.99 exclusively at Walgreens for Fall 2013.

Crystal Crushes

Sparkle and glimmer this fall with SinfulColors shade collection: Crystal Crushes.
It is a brilliant collection of gem-inspired nail polish shades with multifaceted 3D texture. Gorgeous matte colors flecked with a reflective pearl finish sure to dazzle your digits and make your heart skip a beat.  The Crystal Crushes collection features eight vivid shades sprinkled with an angel dust finish.  The colorful trend shades you love from SinfulColors!

       Got a Blush on You: flirty fuchsia              
Blue Persuasion: sapphire-d up!
       Orange Crush: twinkling tangerine            
Treasure Chest: sea worthy bling
       Emerald Envy: a glint of green                  
Purple Gleam: glistening lavender
       Ruby Mine: ravishing red                            
Face the Facets: banana bling

SinfulColors Crystal Crushes, $2.99 exclusively at Walgreens for Fall 2013.

Today I've got swatches of four of these colors for you; two from each collection. Up first, Whipped from the Leather Luxe collection.

2 coats, shown indoors with flash
Y'all know I love a good black polish. Whipped is exactly that, except I would not say it's a "good" black polish, I'd say it's an AWESOME black polish! The formula is quite perfect; not too thick or thin. It's a just slightly sheer and jelly-like in application, and requires two coats for perfection though if you needed to, you could get away with just one coat and it would still look fantastic. This has a semi-matte finish for a leather-like look that I'm really loving right now. There is not a hint of shimmer to the color and it's pitch black. It's kind of chalk board-esque. And I seriously LOVE it!

2 coats, shown indoors without flash

Strapped is described as being a seafoam hue, though I find it to be much deeper and more of a jade green than seafoam. But whatever you call it  (? Seriously, how do y'all identify the billion different shades of colors out there? I can't do it! lol), it's beautiful! Like Whipped, there isn't a hint of shimmer to it and the final look is a semi-matte, leathery finish. The formula is about the same as that of Whipped though it is a little more sheer, and I found it looked best (to me) with three coats.

3 coats, shown indoors without flash

3 coats, shown indoors with flash

3 coats, shown indoors without flash

And from the Crystal Crushes colletion:

Got A Blush On You is described as "flirty fuchsia". The formula on this one is absolutely flawless. ONE COAT to perfection! It's matte, but there's just enough of a pearly look to the base color to keep the matte finish from being too dull and flat. And there's just enough glitter that it is blingy and sparkly and gorgeous!

One coat, shown indoors without flash

One coat, shown indoors with flash

One coat, shown indoors with flash

And last but not least, Treasure Chest. Described as "sea worthy bling" this one is a nice seafoam shade with glorious golden glitter. The formula was a touch thicker than Got A Blush On You, and also a little more sheer. This one needed two coats. Like Got A Blush On You, the base color has just enough of a pearly note to keep the matte finish from being too flat, and enough glitter that it still sparkles once dry. This is quite possibly my favorite color of the four featured in this post!

Two coats, shown indoors with flash

Two coats, shown indoors with flash

Two coats, shown indoors without flash

A couple notes on these colors: Though Got A Blush On You and Treasure Chest may look shiny in these pictures, I assure you they are matte finish polishes, and I did not apply top coat before taking these pictures. They are more "semi-matte" with some pearliness. Add the glitter to that and in the lighting I had at the time (just indoors by a window with no direct sunlight or any artificial light at all) and my camera picked the colors up in a way that made them seem to have more shine than they really do.

Also, in swatching (which I had to do a couple times because I was having some camera trouble the first time) I noticed that Treasure Chest and especially Strapped have got potential to stain your nails. Make sure you use a good base coat to prevent staining when you wear these ones! You should always use base coat anyway but I'm just saying... for those who like to skip base coat (I do that myself sometimes, so I'm not judging!) you may want to use it with these colors to try to avoid/minimize staining.

Overall I am really impressed with these colors. I've not been too impressed by other matte glitters I've tried. Sand, sugar, salt finish - they've gone by a lot of names but at the end of the day they're all matte glitters. The ones I've tried so far have left me unimpressed; they always seemed so flat and boring once dry. At least for the two I have from Crystal Crushes, these somehow maintain the sparkle that I love from glitter! I'm still on the fence about textured polish, honestly... but these are gorgeous, sparkly colors that I really love! I'd definitely buy some more colors from the Leather Luxe collection, as I adore the leathery finish they have. I'm giving serious thought to picking up a couple more colors from the Crystal Crushes collection as well!

As stated above in this post, these colors are exclusives to Walgreens.

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The products featured in this post were sent to me for review. All opinions are my own based on my experience using the products.

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