Monday, August 12, 2013

Revlon Pedi-Expert Kit

I've been wanting to try this for ages, but never got around to it till recently. Despite regular pedicures, scrubs, pumice stones etc. I still have a couple persistent rough patches on my feet that nothing seemed able to get rid of completely. I could get those spots to soften up for a little while with a good pedicure, but within a couple days those spots were rough again.

I finally decided that I'd try this kit. I decided if this couldn't help me get rid of those stubborn rough patches, then nothing will.

It's pink, so girly girls will love that aspect right away. (I know I do.) It's perfectly sized and shaped to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand while you use it.

The bottom has a smoothing file, which I haven't actually used yet. I've used numerous other files like this and they never seem to actually do anything, so I have not felt compelled to try it out.

The kit also includes clippers and a mini emery board. Everything can be stored tucked inside, so you keep everything together with no risk of losing anything.

After using this for the first time - those little stubborn rough patches were taken care of completely. And they didn't roughen up again right away after my pedicure! With weekly pedicures, following my usual pedicure routine paired with using the pedi-expert, my feet have been nice and soft for weeks. Love it!

This is like the "Ped Egg" advertised on TV, just Revlon's version of it. I have to say it was kind of gross to empty it out the first time. It is every time really, but that first time especially because I really did not expect there to be SO MUCH dry, dead skin to dispose of when I was done. I knew that I had those couple dry patches I couldn't seem to get rid of... but I was sure with my usual pedicure routine that the other areas of my feet were in pretty good shape. Obviously there was still a lot of dry, dead skin that had to go though. Yuck!

I have been so happy with this purchase though, and I would absolutely recommend it if you're looking for a good product to help get rid of dry patches on your feet!

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