Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks: Lasting Finish Matte 101 & 104

While enjoying a girls' day out with my mom recently, I couldn't pass up the makeup department. I managed to walk away with only a couple things I actually did need, but then I couldn't help but grab a couple Kate Moss collection lipsticks from Rimmel.

Natural light, no flash. Top: 104, bottom 101
The formula of these is wonderful. They're richly pigmented for opaque coverage, they're creamy but lightweight. They're called matte, but - at least for these particular shades - the finish is not *completely* matte. They do have a slight hint of shine to them. If you want a totally matte finish just blot with a tissue, but I like the little hint of shine they have. It is really very slight - not even enough to be a "just licked your lips" kind of look. Just enough to make them feel a little more wearable, in my opinion.

Natural light, no flash. Top: 101, bottom 104  (sorry, didn't notice I had swapped the order when I took the side by side tube picture.)
I love the colors. I was only going to get one, but I was torn between these two shades so I just got them both. 101 is a lighter nude-pink, while 104 is a deeper mauvey rose. On me, they're both ideal "not wearing makeup" shades. 101 is a perfect just every day kind of MLBB (my lips but better) nude (seriously, where has this color been?! I fully intend to buy backups for this!), while 104 is more along the lines of a just had a smooch fest with the boyfriend kind of color. (Yeah, I'll likely get backups of this one too!) They have decent staying power. They won't survive a meal, but they hold up pretty well between meals. I am constantly sipping water all day, and they remain in tact pretty well through that though it does of course lead to them wearing off a bit over the course of a couple hours. They do feel a little dry on the lips, so I'd recommend exfoliating and using a good lip balm both before and after wearing them. They aren't bad though, for $4 a piece.

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