Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hard Candy Mascaras: Flat to Fab & Lash Tinsel

I showed these briefly in this post about the little "beauty to go" kits these came in. These are MINI mascaras. To the best of my knowledge the wands are still full-size but I do not have the full size versions of either of these mascaras at this time to compare.

I initially was not sure how I was going to feel about the wand in the Flat to Fab mascara. I am used to the itty bitty wand in my usual Maybelline Lash Discovery, or the standard wands that come in the Just For Redheads mascaras I like. The hourglass shape of this one gave me pause. But once I tried it a couple times, I actually really like it! It somehow seems easier to use than any standard mascara wands I have used before.

The formula is decent. It's not wet or clumpy, doesn't flake off and doesn't leave my lashes feeling hard or stiff. It really added a lot of volume to my lashes, and a decent bit of length though my lashes are naturally pretty long (or so I've been told). It lasts pretty well too. My eyes are sensitive and tend to be watery, but this didn't irritate my eyes and while it did smudge a bit on the outer corners of my eyes during the day, it wasn't really bad. It lasted better than a lot of mascaras do, for me, so I was impressed. I'm surprised by how much I like this one to be honest, and I will most likely buy a full-sized tube once I use up both the minis I have.

The wand in the Lash Tinsel mascara is, by comparison... kind of a downer. It's a standard skinny wand, but I feel like the bristles are not quite long enough. Despite this, the mascara is applied pretty well with this wand. The formula for this mascara is a little thinner than most mascaras. I've used glitter mascaras before and have always had the same complaint: you can't even see the glitter once it's applied. And some of them irritated my eyes. (I can't recall if I posted about it here, but if I did, remember the fiasco I had with the CoverGirl mascara that has the little bits of glitter in it? oy! If I didn't post that... well, it's too long a horror story for this post, if I didn't already post it maybe I will another time!) With that in mind, I didn't have very high hopes for Lash Tinsel.

It surprised me. I could actually see the glitter on my lashes once it was applied. It's nothing bold or crazy - it's a subtle thing but, for someone who loves glitter, very fun and pretty! It added a little length to my lashes, but didn't really do much for adding volume or anything. I think it's best if you layer it over another mascara, so you get the length/volume you need from your usual favorite mascara first then just add the hint of glitter to it with this. I layered it over the Flat to Fab on several occasions, and over Maybelline Lash Discovery too. Even when layered, it didn't clump. So that's good. It did smudge a little more on the outer corners of my eyes than the Flat to Fab, but it lasted surprisingly well too. And the best part is, it doesn't irritate my eyes!

I don't know that I really have a need for a glitter mascara in my stash, so I'm not sure if I'll buy a full sized tube of the Lash Tinsel or not. I'll definitely enjoy the mini while I have it, I can tell you that much. I *might* get a full sized tube once it's gone.

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