Friday, August 2, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

In my FTF post about Organix hair products, I mentioned that they have lotions and such as well, but I've not had luck finding those items in my hair.

Recently, I finally found the argan oil lotion (which will be next weeks FTF) and this product which is the one I really wanted to try the most:

Dry Body Oil. I am a huge fan of bath oils, and this one has quickly become a favorite. If not my number 1 favorite. A little goes a long way, so the bottle will last a long time. You can use it in the shower, but I prefer using these kinds of bath oils after a shower, on damp skin. I think they just work better that way, plus then you're not left with an oily shower to clean up so nobody slips and falls from the oil residue left behind.

My only wish for this is that the packaging were somehow a little different; I wish I had more control over how much oil is dispensed when I go to use it. I feel like I always get too much with this packaging. Not too much in that it leaves my skin feeling greasy - after it sinks in and I dry off my skin just feels silky smooth - but I do feel like I am using more of it than I really need to.

The best part is how the soft feeling lasts all day. Some bath oils I have used in the past, the softness wears off as the day goes on. When using this, though, even at the end of the day my skin feels soft and hydrated. (Note that I do not use this product alone though, I also use various lotions.)

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