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Crazy Cart Makeup Brushes

When I first started wearing makeup, nobody really bought makeup brushes. We all just used the little sponge-tip applicators and mini brushes that came with the makeup. I don't know if it was just our age and not knowing makeup brushes existed, or if back then makeup brushes just really were not available the way they are now. It may have been a bit of both.

These days though makeup brushes come in tons of shapes, sizes, and as you can see above - COLORS!

As I mentioned some time ago in my post about how I clean my makeup brushes, I love lighter colored bristles on my makeup brushes. I clean them more often when the bristles are lighter and I can see just how dirty they are. Clean brushes are very important! If your brushes are dirty, colors will be muddled rather than vibrant and true to what's in the package, and dirty brushes can become an inviting home for germs and bacteria. I'm not fanatical about cleaning my brushes - I do let that chore slip sometimes. More often than I should, to be totally honest. But it is something I try to make sure I do on a somewhat regular basis.

Just like anything else, not all makeup brushes are created equal. Some are better than others, and generally speaking brushes are one makeup item that you really want to splurge on and spend the extra money to get high quality brushes that will last. While it's true that some cheaper brushes are fabulous, some of them are an awful waste of money. We don't all have a big budget to spend on our brushes, though. The good news is there really are some fantastic brushes out there that are much more affordable!

One brand of brushes I discovered that fits the bill in terms of quality and affordability is Crazy Cart. I found them while browsing on Amazon, and when I saw the pretty pink and purple brush sets, I HAD to have them! I really needed more/new brushes anyway, and these are girly, have light colored bristles like I prefer, and they were cheap!

The purple set I ordered from Crazy Cart's Amazon store. It has 12 brushes and also comes with a faux leather brush roll for storage/travel. The pink set I ordered from another seller on Amazon (SuperLite) because it was just a little cheaper, and because it was fulfilled by Amazon that made it eligible for their free shipping which I really wanted because I was also ordering a couple other things and it saved me a nice chunk on shipping to be able to get those things with the free shipping. Anyway, it has 22 brushes and a faux leather brush roll.

I noted in the reviews on Amazon some folks were complaining about the brush rolls (and the brushes as well) smelling very strongly of paint or chemicals when they arrived. I have to say, yes, they did indeed smell very strongly like paint. But makeup brushes are like underwear - you are supposed to wash them before you use them the first time. Not everyone does it, but you really should. (Nice analogy there huh?) After I washed the brushes and they had dried, they simply smelled "clean" - no offensive odors whatsoever. I also immediately tossed the brush rolls in the washer with a load of towels. I hung them up outside to dry. Once those were dry, they still had that sort of "pleather" smell to them - it's the nature of faux leather, that smell will stick around for ages. But it's not something overpowering, anymore, and not something that bothers me. I don't intend to use the brush rolls to store my brushes anyway - I'm not sure how I'll use them yet honestly, but I do intend to find some use for them. Just not for my brushes! So this is not something that bothers me.

I also noted in some of the reviews people were complaining of the brushes shedding, not picking up product well, not dispensing/blending the product on your skin well etc. There were a couple that said it was "impossible" to get the brushes clean after using them and that the makeup wouldn't come out of the bristles during washing.

I've had no issues with any of these brushes. None. They are pretty darned PERFECT. (There are a couple very minor things that I will show you and tell you about below, with the pictures.) They're very soft, have not shed at all, and they pick up and apply makeup flawlessly. They clean up every bit as well as other brushes I have had. I do wish the sets came with a couple fluffier eye shadow/blending brushes and a pencil brush would be nice to round things out a bit but the brushes that are included all do their jobs fantastically! If you look on the product pages (only from some sellers, I noticed) it tells you specifically what each brush included is for (lip brush, eye shadow brush etc.) - I don't ever really worry about what any given brush is "supposed" to be for though. I just use whatever brush looks and feels right for what I need it for at the time, and leave it at that. If it works for what you need it for, then why not, right?

I absolutely adore these brushes, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who needs a good set of brushes and doesn't want to (or can't) spend a lot of money to get them. You will still need to buy a couple brushes individually to fully round out and complete your brush collection - as I said above I really think these sets could use a couple "fluffy" eye shadow brushes and a pencil brush or two! - but these sets will cover almost all your makeup brush needs! My friend's mom saw them and fell in love with them too and she ordered both sets as well. She doesn't use all of them, but the ones she does use she loves and hasn't had issues with either.

Now that all the talk part of this is over, let's get to the pictures!

First, the purple set:

Issue #1 - The eyelash brush/mascara wand is a little "wobbly". You can see in this picture it's at a slight angle. I don't know if this is by design or it is not supposed to be like this. Despite this, it seems very secure and doesn't seem like it's going to fall apart on me, and it's worked well. So, nothing I am really worried about but it is worth noting.
Issue # 2  - The paint on the large powder brush is chipped a bit where the handle meets the ferrule (the metal part). This is purely cosmetic and it is not something that bothers me, but I wanted to point it out as a little "this might be an issue" warning for those who are perfectionists and would be bothered by something like this. It doesn't affect how well the brush does it's job, so it's not something I find worth complaining about.

And now, the pink set. =)

Just a little size comparison of the smaller and larger fan brushes from this set.

I seriously love the large fan brush! It has a slight concave shape/curve to it. It's PERFECT for blush and high lighter! 

And to finish up this post, how about a little comparison pictures to show the differences in a couple of the brushes between the sets?

Fan brush comparison

Fan brush comparison, the small brush from the pink set and the purple fan brush

(Possible) Issue # 3 & eye liner brush comparison - The liner brush in the pink set is "angled". Not the ferrule being bent like with typical angled liner brushes - it looks as though the way the bristles are secured in the ferrule leaves them at a slight angle while the ferrule itself remains straight. I don't know if it's supposed to be like that or not, but they're very secure in there so it's not something to worry about in terms of the brush coming apart. If it's a defect, it's one I don't mind as I find the bristles being angled quite helpful and I LIKE them that way! And to compare, the brush in the purple set is not quite as thin as the one in the pink set.

A couple of the brushes are a little dirty in the above pictures, because I had used them prior to taking the pictures. I was too excited to try them out and couldn't wait till I'd taken pictures to use them. I'd already waited the unbearable length of time it took for them to dry after their initial wash, and I couldn't take any more waiting at that point. Sorry. lol. I know, I should have taken pictures immediately after opening them. I don't know why I didn't. I didn't think to get pictures of the brush rolls either, for some reason. I did clean the brushes off a bit with baby wipes for the pictures, though, so they wouldn't be completely dirty.

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