Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nicole by O.P.I. - Selena Gomez Collection: Confetti Fun

The last glitter I picked up from the Selena Gomez line from Nicole by O.P.I. is "Confetti Fun" - a colorful mix of small and extra small hex glitters and micro glitter in a clear base. As with the other glitters I have from this collection, it's dense and evenly distributes on the nail for great coverage in just one coat, and ideal for layering over other colors.

Selena Gomez "Confetti Fun"

It bears a resemblance to the Nicole by O.P.I. Kardashian Kolor polish in "Rainbow In The S-Kylie". The assortment of colors in these is almost identical - the only difference in colors is that Confetti Fun has some red glitter, Rainbow In The S-Kylie does not have red. Rainbow In The S-Kylie has larger hex glitters than Confetti Fun, and of course it lacks the micro glitter that Confetti Fun has. They are definitely not dupes, but they are similar. A quick glance at the bottles next to each other, you'd never know they're different. Once you take a closer look of course, that's when you see the differences and on the nail the differences are more obvious than in the bottles. Still, I thought I would mention the similarities in case someone wanted Rainbow In The S-Kylie but couldn't get their hands on a bottle before it was gone - Confetti Fun might be an acceptable substitute for it.

Kardashian Kolor "Rainbow In The S-Kylie".

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