Monday, July 8, 2013

Nicole by O.P.I. - Selena Gomez Collection: Inner Sparkle

I have eyed the Selena Gomez collection from Nicole by O.P.I. for quite a while. Especially the glitters. I finally caved and got a couple of them.

The first one I want to share is my favorite: Inner Sparkle. 

This is a clear base packed with gold micro glitter and small pastel pink and purple hex glitter. The glitter distributes pretty evenly, and it's pretty dense for decent one coat coverage. I think it looks particularly lovely when layered over soft lilac polish or other light pinks and purples (or pinky-purples!). It looks nice over lots of other colors too of course, but I think my favorite is a good soft pinky-purple/lilac hue. It makes for a very feminine look. I get compliments when I wear this one, because it's so sparkly. 

I especially like pairing this one up with Misa "Denim & Lace". One coat of each polish, and it is absolute perfection!

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