Monday, July 1, 2013

Hard Candy: Black Tie Optional

This is one of the more unique polishes I have seen. Granted I honestly do not make much of an effort to seek out new nail polish anymore. With well over 200 in my stash AFTER cleaning out the stash and getting rid of over 100 bottles - eep - it just does not make sense to go nail polish hunting. But if I happen to spot something while I'm out looking for something else, I'll take a closer look and sometimes I go for it, other times I walk away. I admit, I have a harder time walking away from glitters. (Many of this month's posts are going to be swatches of glittery goodness.)

Black Tie Optional is a clear base packed with black and white glitter in varying sizes of hex shaped pieces and black bar pieces as well. It might sound kind of weird, initially... but it lends for a very cool "grunge" kind of look on the nail. I think "grunge" is the best word for it anyway... I don't know why but the look of this one just makes me think of the 90's grunge music, Nirvana (Oh, Kurt... you are so missed! ♥), Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Silverchair... I think I might be dating myself just a little bit here haha. But you get the idea. Maybe. If you are of the right age group. Don't mind me. I am having a slight "OMG I am going to be 30 soon" panic... back to the nail polish! That's just the kind of look this makes me think of, and I quite like it. It looks ok on it's own, but is fabulous when layered over other colors.

I think the addition of the bar glitter is what really makes this one perfect. Without it, I don't think the look would quite be complete.

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