Monday, July 29, 2013

Hard Candy Beauty To Go Kits

I spotted these a few weeks ago and had to get a couple. I tried to get a picture of the display but had forgotten to put the SD card back in my camera after transferring some pictures and my phone was being bratty that day. So unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the display.

These are really cute little kits though. There were five in total in the display, and each one contains three (mini) products, for $4.

After opening each box, I was thrilled to see the products are wrapped up snug in pretty pink tissue paper. I was not expecting it, and I really loved this little touch because it made it feel like opening a gift. =) (Speaking of, I have to say I do think these would make nice gifts for your friends, moms, sisters, aunts etc. - perhaps part of some bridal party gifts for your bridesmaids if you're getting married?)

In the Hypnoteyes kit, there's a Flat To Fab mascara, Lash Tinsel Glitter mascara, and Take Me Out glitter eye liner in "Notorious". 

swatch of Take Me Out eye liner
I will be reviewing the mascaras individually later on. The eye liner is pretty. I like the Take Me Out glitter liners because they're not over the top glittery, they have just a hint of glitter. This one is not ultra pigmented, but it works well on my fair skin tone. It has a smooth, creamy texture and applies well without tugging at the skin.

Oh, and when I say these are mini products, I mean it. They fit in the palm of your hand.

The Face It kit contains Sheer Envy face primer and Glow All The Way face and body luminizer in Doll Face and Glamazon Bronze. 

swatches of Glow All The Way luminizers. Top: Doll Face, bottom: Glamazon Bronze
I have not tried the Sheer Envy yet, so I'll review that at a later date. The luminizers are really pretty. Doll Face is ideal for fair and light skin tones. I think Glamazon Bronze would look fantastic on darker complexions! I don't use bronzers much, I am not sure I'll really get much use out of Glamazon Bronze so it will probably be going to a friend who has a darker complexion than I do; I think it'll look great on her. =)

And finally the Kiss & Make Up kit contains Flat To Fab mascara, Eye Def glitter eye shadow in "Robot", and a Plumping Serum lip gloss. There is no shade name noted on the tube of gloss.

Swatches of Eye Def "Robot" glitter eye shadow & Plumping Serum lip gloss.
The glitter shadow is decent; it has a doe foot applicator that makes it fast and easy to apply though I recommend using your finger to tap and blend it out a bit; trying to use the applicator to do that led to "smudging" the shadow for lack of a better word for it. I just swept a little of it on my lids without any primer first, and it lasted a good 7 hours and then it was bed time so I didn't really get a chance to test it for a full day but based on how well it held up for those seven hours I'm going to have to assume it's got excellent staying power to get through a whole day. =)

The gloss is pretty, sheer shimmery pink. It essentially applies clear. I can't say I noticed any plumping effect (but I NEVER do with ANY plumping products) but I do want to say that I like that it's not like some lip plumping glosses that tingle/burn. It did have a little bit of a "plumping product" sensation not really enough to call it "tingly" - it's very slight. I have sensitive skin and apparently sensitive lips (?) and while many plumping glosses are *supposed* to tingle a lot of them it's just unbearable to me and I have to wipe them off and wash my lips off because it's so incredibly uncomfortable. (Yes, even after forcing myself to be patient and put up with it and wait 15-20 minutes for the tingling/burning to stop or at least ease up to a level that's not so uncomfortable.) Anyway, so while I can't say I notice my lips looking fuller with the gloss it's a nice "tuck it in your pocket and go" option. It also has a doe foot applicator.

Overall I really adore these kits. I think they're perfect for travel when you want to just take a couple things with you (assuming that's possible... my idea of travelling light with my makeup still involves dozens of products!) or like I said they'd make cute little bridal party gifts for your bridesmaids, or just little "thinking of you" gifts for the ladies in your life. 

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