Friday, July 26, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

Hair brushes are a very personal thing. To some of us, anyway. I know some of you think "a hair brush is a hair brush, it makes no difference what kind it is!" but I am quite picky about my hair brushes.

One of my very favorites is this Conair brush. I love wooden brushes, and brushes with wooden handles. So that's the first thing I love about this brush! The addition of the little rubber grips on the handle is not really necessary to me, and I could do without it. I'd prefer those not be there... but that's a purely cosmetic issue so I am not too bothered by it.

This is a boar bristle brush. There are a couple different kinds of bristles that can be found on hair brushes: wooden, boar, stainless steel, and nylon/plastic are common (and honestly the only ones I think I have ever seen). Then of course there is the variety of brush paddles: round brushes, paddle, cushioned etc.... buying a new hair brush is not a simple go in and grab one operation. It requires some careful consideration, possibly some online research to compare and read reviews, and a bit of thought. Everyone's hair is different, and as such we all have different needs from our hair care products and tools.

I love this basic brush for my hair. (Crazy thick, naturally wavy, medium/coarse texture and very long.) Some boar bristle brushes have bristles that are very, very soft. They're more suited to fine, thin hair and don't do much for thicker, coarse hair. The bristles in this brush are stiff enough that they can work through my hair well, but they're not hard; they do have some "give" to them. It helps me to smooth my hair and just generally help keep it looking fabulous through the day ;-) and the natural boar bristles help distribute sebum (the natural oils from your scalp) through the hair to help keep the length and ends moisturized.

I'll cover some more hair brush basics next month so if it's a topic you are interested in, be sure to check back soon. =)  

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