Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

Yet another long-ago discontinued favorite product: Urban Decay eye shadow in Fluorescent.

I adore this eye shadow, and use it all the time. it's a beautiful shimmery white/pink duochrome. It makes a great highlight shade, and that is how I most often use it. If I am in a rush to do my makeup this is one of my favorites to sweep from lash line to brow bone for a quick, soft, pretty look.

I really wish this one were still made, I am going to use up the last of it soon. (This picture was taken way back at the beginning of the year. There is significantly less product in the tin now.) I have not really been looking, but I haven't seen a similar color from a different brand. I'm sure there is a dupe out there somewhere. As I said, I haven't really begun looking yet. If anyone knows of one though I'd love to know about it! =)

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