Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit

Let's talk about something we probably don't want to talk about: facial hair. Let's face it - we're all embarrassed by it but it's a common issue a lot of us deal with. If it weren't, there would not be lots of options out there for how to remove unwanted facial hair! Nothing to be ashamed of ladies - really! - it's something a lot of us deal with. Let's not be scared to admit it!

My sister endlessly makes fun of me. Not for my facial hair. But because she doesn't feel like I have a need to remove any facial hair. She says she's never noticed the "lip forest" I have. I tell her that's because I remove it. She thinks I'm just being ridiculous. Sibling rivalry/arguments knows no bounds...

Sure, as a redhead my fuzzy upper lip consists of very light blonde colored hair. However... there's a TON of it. It's not noticeable due to the color - it's noticeable due to how much of it there is. Blah!

I tried Nair. It worked ok for a little while but it never got everything. I tried the Sally Hansen cream hair remover, and initially it seemed to work better than the Nair but it still never got everything. With both those products, I hated the smell, I hated how long it took to use it, and I hated that it never got everything. After a while of using both of them, it seemed like my hair got used to them and they didn't work as well. I'm not sure that's even possible, but it seemed to be the case.

A few weeks ago, I decided to do something crazy and try a wax kit.

I won't lie. I was terrified to try this. I have a relatively low pain tolerance. But I was so fed up with the cream hair removers not working well, and the fact that they take so long to use and for only so-so results, I figured I would go for it.

This kit is pretty cool. I forget how much I paid for it - I think it was about $4, maybe $6. It comes with pre-sized portions of wax sealed between sheets of plastic. You select the size you want for the area you will be waxing and tear the perforated section away from the rest. Then you rub the plastic between your palms a little to warm the wax. You really don't have to rub much - rubbing too much makes the plastic sheets want to separate and slide, and can be awkward. I find just holding it in my hand for a few seconds works well, then I just give it a tiny rub before pulling the plastic sheets apart. Once you pull the plastic sheets apart, you have two wax strips to use.

Just place the plastic-backed wax strip wherever you are waxing. Then make sure you hold your skin taught and quickly remove the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Again, the first time I did this I was terrified. I took a deep breath and then yanked really fast like removing a band aid. You know, the faster you do it the less it hurts? I was surprised because... it didn't hurt at all. AT ALL.

And the results? Far superior to the hair removal creams! There were still a couple little strays that I had to get with the tweezers, but it got pretty much everything. I was impressed. And no longer afraid of the wax!

The kit also comes with some oil to remove leftover wax residue from your skin.

I did note that in warmer weather, they don't work as well. The heat means the wax stays soft, so it doesn't remove much (if any) hair, but does leave a lot of wax residue behind on the skin. If it's a hot day, I'd suggest sitting by the air conditioner or a fan when waxing, and let the cool air cool the wax for a couple minutes before you remove it from your skin.

My only wish for this product is that it were available in a pack with only a single size of the strips. I only need the smallest size for the upper lip area. While I am no longer afraid of the wax for the upper lip, I have to admit the idea of waxing the bikini zone still freaks me out. lol I do really like the results I get from this stuff though, and will definitely repurchase in the future! I even got extra brave and purchased the kit with the strips sized for the body and did my legs, with similarly pleasing results. =)

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