Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Julep Swatches - Candy & Lena

Candy is a grape-purple jelly. Doesn't look like much on it's own (unless you don't mind taking time to build up the color a bit with 5-ish coats) but it looks lovely when layered a la jelly sandwich with some glittery goodness inbetween.

Lena is a pretty teal with golden shimmer. The shimmer doesn't translate to the nail as much as I thought it would based on the bottle color, but it is still very pretty. One problem with this color - it stained the heck out of my nails! So much so that after removing it I snapped a picture (which I didn't keep, sorry) on my cell and sent it to my sister who said it looked like I was wearing sheer nail polish. My nails were very, very stained. Green. Despite a good base coat. Took forever to get rid of it. So, while the color is lovely, I have not worn it again and I am hesitant to wear it again since I know how badly it will stain. It's really a shame - I love the color!

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