Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Julep Rock Star Hand Creme & Glycolic Hand Scrub

Because I missed the Maven box that included these, I was happy to be able to get them as an add-on to a subsequent box. I really, really wanted to try them!

The Glycolic Hand Scrub is really nice, it leaves my hands feeling super soft. I love that it's gentle enough to use on the face and body as well, and I love to use this weekly as my face scrub! I have sensitive skin so I sometimes hesitate when it comes to face scrubs, but this one doesn't irritate my skin. It leaves me with a nice glow after using it, and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry like some scrubs can.

The hand creme is really nice as well! I adore the tube it's in, it's pretty and is most often tucked into my purse of the day so I can re-apply when needed. I like the fragrance though it is a bit strong and honestly I prefer my lotions to be fragrance free so that they don't clash with my perfume. But that issue aside, this is lovely lotion and I've used it all over not just on my hands. (Yup, I've even used it on my face!) It's really very rich, and you only need to use a tiny bit at a time. It sinks in quickly, and the hydrated feeling lasts pretty well through the day.

These can be purchased separately; the scrub is $23 ($18.40 for Mavens) and the lotion is $20 ($16 for Mavens). Or you can buy them together, Julep calls the set "The Power Couple" and you get both full-sized tubes for $43 (or 34.40 for Mavens). Considering that a little goes a long way, I think the prices are fair for these ones. I sometimes think Julep's products are a bit over-priced for what they are and how they perform. Granted for my budget these still fall under the occasional splurge category, but I still think that they're pretty fairly priced for what they are. I had enough Jules to cover them as my add-on, so getting them that way they were "free". If you've got some Jules saved up and aren't sure what to use them for, I'd say go for the Power Couple as an add-on to your next Maven box. ;-) 

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