Friday, June 28, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

I have been a huge fan of the Venus Breeze razor for many, many years. I just love it. It is the only razor I will use.

I just love the soapy bar that is on it. It makes shaving so much faster and easier! If you have a small stall shower like me, you know that trying to use shaving creams or gels is pointless because as soon as you've applied it, it's getting rinsed off before you even had a chance to shave anyway. (Unless you turn the water off. Which is no fun because then you get cold.) The Venus Breeze is the perfect solution for such a problem!

I store my razors outside of the shower and gently - carefully - pat them dry with a wash cloth after each use to help the soapy stuff last longer. If stored in the shower, it tends to "melt" faster.

My only gripe - and it's not just with these refill cartridges but ALL of them - is that the refills are so expensive. =( I hate not shaving and being furry, but I am also poor and it is getting harder and harder to justify buying these babies. I remember when they first came out I was paying $8 for a pack of 6 refills. Now it's $18 for a pack of just 4 refills. Not cool at all.

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