Monday, June 10, 2013

Clio Palmperfect Electric Shaver

My trusty Remington Wet/Dry shaver died on me. (Bummer. It was not old or over-used. Oh well.) My beloved Venus Breeze razors cost a stinking fortune. ($16 for 4 refills, or only 3 of the 5-bladed Olay ones which are really really my favorite. WHY?!) So to try to cut back on my shaving costs I decided to pick up this little cutie, which only set me back $9.

As the name implies, it's small and fits into the palm of your hand. It comes in a variety of colors/designs. Being the girly-girl that I am, I chose a pink and purple design.

There are blades on both sides, so it will shave whether you are moving up or down. I find that, as with all the electric shavers I have tried, I tend to get the closest, best shave by using small circular motions with it. 

It is powered by two AA batteries and is water resistant. I tend to just use it dry though. It is suitable to use on the legs, under arms, and bikini area. Which is fantastic, because some shavers are only made to be used on one area. The fact that this one can cover all the bases is great!

So far this is holding up well for me though it's not as nice as the Remington I had before. Of course with electric shavers you never get quite as close a shave as you do with a manual razor. I find this one doesn't give me as close a shave as my Remington did, though, and I do tend to have to go over the same spot several times to really make a difference.

Since I'm really only using this to try to help extend time between shaves with my Venus Breeze (far, far too expensive anymore!) razors, the fact that it's not great is ok. If you're hoping to get something to replace manual razors or if you're strictly an electric saver kind of gal and need a new one, you probably want to pony up the dough for something better. This is cheap and cute but based on my experience with it, for anything more than a little between-shaves maintenance this will not do the job.

I think I may be willing to try waxing, actually. I've been looking at some various waxing kits out of curiosity, and they seem like quite an affordable way to go. I'll let y'all know if I try it what I think!

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