Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Swatch: Color Club Pearl-spective

"Pearl-spective" is from the Kaleidoscope collection. It's a gorgeous flakey top coat. Who doesn't adore flakies?! The main color shift in this is pink to purple, though at certain angles in certain lighting you can see hints of rainbow hues. For all intents and purposes, though, it's a pink and purple flakey. It is everything you expect from a flakey - in other words, it's gorgeous, perfect, and a must have!

These pictures are in natural, overcast lighting with no flash. (The weather has been wonderful here the past few days so I was able to get proper, outdoor pictures for the first time in months. I love spring!) On the nail, I have shown it here over Dr.'s Remedy "Nobel Navy". I also swatched this (but ultimately chose the navy for the "official" swatches) over "Balance Brick", "Passion Purple", and "Healing Heather Grey" (all also from Dr.'s Remedy) and I loved how it looked over all of them. 

You can check out all the colors from the Kaleidoscope Summer Collection on Color Club's web site:

I think the whole collection looks promising. I hope to get a couple more of the colors from this collection, Evolution and In Theory especially look nice to me.

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