Monday, May 27, 2013

Julep Mighty Cuticle Serum

Another item in the April Maven boxes was the Mighty Cuticle Serum.

The serum is packaged in a brush pen, and you twist the end to dispense product into the bristles.

I like the packaging, it's pretty and compact and easy to use. I have found however that contrary to what the instructions on the box say, "one half-turn per hand" doesn't cut it. I have to turn several times for each application. This makes me wish this product were packaged differently... a bottle with a dropper perhaps, would be more efficient. I do like the "no mess" pen though, I really do...

But of course, packaging means nothing if the product in it doesn't do what it says. So how well does this perform?

This arrived at a good time for me to try it out, as with the transition from winter to spring my skin tends to dry out a bit for a couple weeks, so my cuticles were a bit drier than usual.

I followed the directions and applied it twice a day for two weeks, beginning with the day I received my Maven box. I like that the formula dries quickly and it doesn't leave behind any sticky or oily residue of any sort. For the first week and a half or so, it did not seem to be making any difference at all. A day or two before the two week point there was noticeable improvement. However, honestly, it was nothing miraculous or that would not have been achieved with my usual care routine for the times my cuticles get extra dry during seasonal shifts in the weather. My usual route for dealing with extra dry cuticles is simply extra cuticle balm and using a thicker hand lotion for a couple weeks. I should note that for the duration of testing the Mighty Cuticle serum, I continued to use my usual daily hand and body lotions but I did not use any other cuticle oils or balms like I normally would. Not even after refreshing my manicures. Two weeks of using the Mighty Cuticle Serum, there were still some dry/rough spots on a couple nails, but for the most part the dryness had been taken care of.

I didn't take "proper" before and after (no nail polish) pictures; the best I can offer is notd before and after.

Before beginning using Mighty Cuticle Serum:

(SensatioNail "Bombshell Beauty")

And after 2 weeks: 

(SensatioNail "Midnight Rendezvous" + "Bombshell Beauty" skinny French... nevermind the boo boo on my middle finger; not sure what went wrong there but I didn't have time to fuss with fixing it so I shrugged it off and let it go.)

Granted I guess my cuticles were not too bad "before" anyway. My right hand (which I did not photograph) was a bit worse off to get started and it's looking much better now. The packaging claims this product will also give you stronger, smoother nails with less ridges, splitting and brittleness. I can't say I've noticed any change in those areas - just more moisturized cuticles.

I do like the Mighty Cuticle Serum. I just don't love it. The packaging - while not perfect in my opinion - makes it convenient and easy to travel with so I can see that being a bonus for those who do a lot of traveling and want something they can easily take with them. It comes with a rather hefty price tag, though: $28 for non-Mavens, or $22.40 for Mavens. Given that in my personal experience I can get the same results with other (cheaper) products, I could not justify re-purchasing this stuff when it is so expensive.

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