Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Julep Invisible Dry Shampoo

This was one of the products in the April Maven boxes. 

I am all for dry/waterless shampoos. I only shampoo my hair a couple times a week, and on the between days I usually pin it up somehow and keep it as dry as possible while showering. Hey, when you have tailbone length, ridiculously thick hair that takes hours upon hours to dry, letting it get wet any more than is really necessary is a hassle. I do not blow dry my hair often, but on the occasions when I do it still takes over an hour to get it all dry. I have a LOT of hair. So dry/waterless shampoos are my best friend in my hair care routine for the between days!

I was pleasantly surprised by Julep's dry shampoo. I've tried other similar formulas and not been too pleased with them. But Julep's is really nice. It smells good, truly is very lightweight and "invisible" - you will not see or feel the product in your hair once you're done applying. As an added bonus, it smells good.

And yes, it does indeed leave your hair feeling and looking cleaner and softer on those between shampoo days. Though I have to say, I also do not use a lot of styling products in my hair. I use hydrating creams and serums, but as for mousse, hair spray, gel etc. - I don't use it. So I can't say how clean this would leave your hair looking or feeling if you do use a lot of styling products in your hair.

I really like this a lot though. I'm undecided on how I feel about the pricing though. I mean, it's good... I'm just not sure it's $22 good ($17.60 for Mavens) especially when there are significantly cheaper, comparable products out there, many of which also contain a good bit more product. (Julep is 3 oz, many other brands are twice that, some even more.) I guess it depends on how much you will use it. If it's going to be a regular part of your hair care routine (which it would be for me) and you are going to use a lot of it, it might be better to opt for a cheaper brand. But if it's something that you will only use occasionally and it will last longer for you, then it could definitely be worth it to splurge on this one.

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