Friday, May 3, 2013

Favorite Things Friday

Another discontinued favorite from Hard Candy is the Visibly Wet lip pencils. I adore these things. The line had several sheer colors as well as some full-coverage colors. Cremes, shimmers, even glitters. A little something for everyone was to be found.

I, of course, was partial to the sheers. These are just a couple of the colors I have, my three favorite shades.

Top to bottom: Beauty, Must Have, and Glamazon. Sorry for the un-sharpened pencils in this picture. At the time I took it, my sharpener had gone missing. Can you tell which color is my favorite favorite? lol 

I adore these lip pencils. They give glossy, well pigmented color. The staying power for the sheer colors is about that of a gloss, while I found the opaque shades to be more along the lines of a standard lipstick in terms of staying power.

Top to bottom: Glamazon (gorgeous peachy nude creme), Beauty (pearly soft pink), and Must Have (sheer red creme)

I wish these had not been discontinued. I got back-ups of Glamazon and Must Have, which are my top two favorite shades. So I think I'm ok. Till they all run out anyway.

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